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Published: 30th April 2020
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When there's a requirement for immediate medical care, no one wants to wait for hours. The situation can be even more intimidating or worsening when you have newly moved to a new country, where you're totally blank and have no clue where to seek urgent assistance. This is not the case only when you're an expat; however, you may even need emergency help in terms of phone number even if you're familiar with the place. Undoubtedly, you won't like to kill time waiting, so what's the smartest way to get through the situation? You directly visit a clinic and find out he or she is not available? In such cases, Internet and smartphones can be of great help, just download, the local search engine application only available online, iOS and Android devices in UAE.

The business directory is the collaborative effort between Etisalat Information Services (EIS) and Eniro, the search directory services in the Nordic region. So, if you're looking for medical centers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any other place in the Emirates, you can easily find it on

Here's how can be useful to getting you emergency help with just a few taps:

You can refer the local search app in which medical care results can be found easily based on preferences like Relevancy, distance, and popularity.

One of the greatest benefits of is that it provides you recommendations of medical centers which are nearest to your current location.

Often, doctors having private clinics tends to have limited working hours. To ensure that you can get the necessary help at the right time and at the right place, also provides information about office working hours to avoid waiting.

You can also directly make an appointment by just using the click-to-call functionality. We provide you a detailed business listing containing the address, phone, number, specialization, as well as company URL so that you can know whether this medical center would be suitable for you.

If you're new in UAE and unaware of how to reach a medical center, can also help you in providing directions through a GPS navigation system that gives data about how much distance you need to cover either by walking or driving.

The goal of is to disseminate information which is reliable and honest. Readers can read reviews and find out which medical center can be helpful.

For future needs, lets you to save the information of a medical center on your phone. You can send the information about a listing by sending a text message to your phone number.

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