Is the micro scooter the best toy ever?

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Published: 06th February 2017
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At some point in our lives we've all had a scooter. Just as we all have a bike, a teddy bear and a etch-a-sketch, the scooter became part of the furniture very quickly when it came to toys. If you didn't own one you were a nobody - a loser, goon, or worst of all, a scooterless-loser-mega-goon.

So, my point here is simple; the scooter is without a doubt the best toy ever! This may sound like a bit of a statement, but when considered acutely and with genuine thought there really is no alternative - they do everything. Here's a list of reasons as to why the scooter is the greatest toy of all time.


First off - it gets a kid active; it gets them outdoors and, best of all, it gets them scurrying around like a lunatic! No parent wants a kid that can't sleep, or elects not to sleep until the wee-small hours, and a great way of countering this is through exercise. A child is 100% going to sleep better with exercise, and a scooter will, without any shadow of a doubt, achieve this for you. Getting kids to exercise may be tough, but in their eyes a scooter is a toy - so, as a concerned parent, purchasing a scooter for your kid is effectively a means of killing two birds with one stone.


Secondly, scooters are cool, so cool in fact that everybody in your child's class will own one, and each one will look different. Some kids 'soop' them up stickers and mods, and really, what is cooler than that? Everybody wants one, so everybody gets one - very simple logic really.


As well as being mighty good tools for exercise, scooting - like cycling or running - is a means for eliminating stress. While this may sound more relevant to an older audience, believe it or not kids get stressed too! Think how much strain is put on them during exam periods and when they're set a week's worth of homework; a great method for eliminating some of that stress is through exercise, and what better way is there to exercise than on a scooter?


Finally, the modern-day super scooter isn't actually too pricey. The scooter used to the pinnacle of a wealthy child's toy box; they'd wheel themselves into school, attracting leers and stares from jealous, envious kids who could not afford such extravagant toys. Nowadays, scooter's are accessible for everyone, ranging in price at dramatic levels!

There's really no reason as to why you shouldn't own a scooter, particularly if you're a child, so if you don't make sure you visit Micro-Scooter and get yourself one!

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