Is Very Early Pregnancy Symptom - Cramping - Always Normal?

Published: 09th April 2007
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You are pregnant. Congratulations! Have you experienced the very early pregnancy symptom - cramping? If yes, then don't worry, it is quite normal to get this symptom. If not, then you are going to experience it very soon. It's a way of your body to inform you that an embryo is implanted in your uterus and ready to undertake its nine-month journey!

Let's know more about this very early pregnancy symptom, cramping; when it's normal and when it requires your doctor's attention.

The Cause Behind Cramping
This very early pregnancy symptom, cramping, is caused because of the enlargement of your uterus, as it welcomes the embryo into it. The newly implanted embryo forces the walls of your uterus to expand, thus, causing the feeling of cramps. The second name for cramping is implantation bleeding, which takes place when the fertilized egg moves to the uterus lining and expands it. This cramping is just like the one you experience before your period.

Don't be horrified if you see blood spots in your panties, along with the very early pregnancy symptom, cramping. Spotting may occur about a week or two after fertilization. Moreover, the light bleeding will take place only for a couple of days. Another thing to notice is that the blood is very light in color, unlike the blood released during menstruation, which is darker. Also, menstruation lasts for 5-6 day while this spotting should NOT last for more than two days. If you are doubtful about this symptom, then look out for other early pregnancy symptoms. If you don't like the anxiety of it, they go for a pregnancy test straight away.

Cramping Requires Medical Attention When.
The very early pregnancy symptom, cramping, is normal and does not call for worry. It is a harmless indication by your body that it is preparing for nurturing your baby. However, if you get fever or experience excess bleeding with cramping, then you need to worry and call your doctor fast.

When we say that the very early pregnancy symptom, cramping, is normal, we mean ONLY cramping and spotting. However, if there's more to it than just cramping, then you require a doctor. For women, who have had a miscarriage before, should see a doctor to ensure that their cramping is not related to any complication.

Never ignore the dark color of blood or excess bleeding or excess pain. These are signs that there's something wrong. The very early pregnancy symptom - cramping DOES NOT accompany all this. Moreover, you should also not try to treat these signs yourself. You don't know why this is happening. Hence, it's best to leave it to your doctor.

There are women who can make out that they are pregnant simply by experiencing this very early pregnancy symptom, cramping. Then there are women who get confused whether it's the commencement of pregnancy or menstruation. Whatever be the case, the ultimate confirmation comes after the line in your pregnancy test kit shows positive.

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durrob on September 13, 2011 said:
Discharge could likely be a sign of early pregnancy.
pregnanmom on September 19, 2011 said:
If this is a planned pregnancy, you may be suspicious of being pregnant even before the pregnancy test comes back positive. Most women don't experience the classic symptoms of pregnancy - morning sickness, fatigue until after they miss their first missed period. If you were not planning to get pregnant, milder symptoms or changes will go unnoticed or be confused with menstrual symptoms.
asupermom07 on September 19, 2011 said:
Early pregnancy symptoms can be difficult to pin down because they are very similar to PMS. You could just think that what you are feeling is typical and implies that you will have your period soon.
JennyRivers on September 19, 2011 said:
Some women claim they 'just knew' they were pregnant, for the rest of us the first signs of pregnancy may be more of a challenge to identify. There are of course the obvious signs that we have all come accustomed to, but there are many other subtle hints your body will offer you to help you notice the first signs of pregnancy.

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