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Published: 01st November 2017
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Do you remember a time that the phone service near the Houston area was a diabolical enemy that nickeled and dimed customers for every last penny of their revenue? In those days, corporate phone systems were frequently ridiculously costly and only the big, important companies had teleconferencing, voice mail, call waiting, caller ID and other useful services.

New and improved cloud technology transformed Cisco operations to create a balanced playing field that offers more affordable pricing, a better variety of benefits and more reliable phone services than ever before. Today, the majority of companies don't use the telephone company anymore. Their phone service is delivered by way of the Internet and is part of their in house network. If communication networks go down, businesses in Houston, TX contact their IT support guru to fix the problem.

Using a business network for phone service has many rewards. First, having every service on a single network is simple to maintain. Companies just call IT consulting companies in Houston, Texas to get it all up and running. Many competent tech services close to Houston, Texas offer the knowledge and experience to integrate internet telephone systems into the current network architecture.

A single server for information and phone services makes everything more secure. In addition, it also allows the combination of networking information with the companies' phone service, combining email, voicemail and contact details into one platform.

Advanced features are also utilized on all Cisco business phone appliances. Caller ID, call forwarding, conference calling, call waiting, faxing, email to fax and additional functionality are combined and easy to access.

Lastly, phone calls are less expensive than before and are not restricted by boundaries or location. In many cases, it costs the same amount to talk to someone in Germany as it does to talk to a friend across town.

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