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Published: 06th February 2017
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This is one term that has come to create a lot of difference in today's world. An individual's status in the society, friend circle and in some cases even family is mostly determined by their financial capabilities. Therefore, earning money and then keeping it properly to spend now or in the future is of prime importance.

For this purpose, people have started to use banking facilities to the maximum. This allows them to keep their money in a secure manner, be aware of their earnings and expenditure and avail an interest. In order to allow customers to access their money without any hassle, banks introduced ATMs and cards.

With the advent of ATMs, customers can withdraw a certain amount of money from anywhere and at anytime. When this system came about, the common thought was that the world is moving at a very fast pace. But, now that the prepaid card solutions have been introduced, it is safe to presume that there are companies and products which will continue to make our lives easy by leaps and bounds.

ItzCash & It's Prepaid Cards

Those customers seeking to avail ItzCash's prepaid cards should not be below the age of 18 and should be able to fill out the KYC forms at any of the company's outlet known as the ItzCash World Outlet(ICW). The company has partnered with IDBI Bank, HDFC Bank and DCB Bank. Once all the KYC documents are submitted at the outlet, one can recive the card and is ready for use.

A maximum of Rs. 50,000/- can be loaded into the card at once. This can be done through cash payment at any nearby ICW or online deposit with online money transfer. Money can be withdrawn from ATMs with the help of this prepaid card. Those who cannot avail basic banking services can make use of this card, which is not only handy for everyday shopping but also provides payment solutions.

Apart from this, these prepaid cards allow people to make dth/mobile recharge as well. This is not all. Customers can also get their dishtv recharge done with the help of ItzCash prepaid cards.

ItzCash and their revolutionary changes

Partnering up with various banks and allowing customers to withdraw and spend their money at all places that permit VISA payments may have not been an easy task but it has been executed in a great manner. Customers can pay their bills, get their recharge done and go shopping with this prepaid card in hand.

Mr. Rahul Mahajan is an experienced brand promoter for ItzCash who strongly believes that Itz prepaid card solutions will help you manage your finances in the most efficient way there is.

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