Jack Wolfskin Highland Trail 45 review

Published: 30th April 2020
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The Jack Wolfskin Highland Trail 45 is an absolutely outstanding bag. Following my lengthy research into the best backpacker bags around, this one excelled in all areas. Good size, secure, comfy and with excellent access via a number of different compartments and pockets, the Jack Wolfskin Highland Trail 45 ticks all of the boxes I look for in a good backpack. Perfect for long-term travellers, hikers or campers, this bag is one you simply shouldn’t pass over.

Firstly up, I really liked the khaki colouring that I saw the model of this bag in. That’s right – I’ve been to an actual shop to assess this bag and I still reckon it’s brilliant! Yet, the black is also very slick. There is an equally excellent women’s version which comes in a nice understated steelcolour that I also like.

I was alsoimpressed with the Jack Wolfskin Highland Trail 45’s lightweight credentials (1.6kg) and ventilating straps; this will certainly keep you less hot and sweaty on the road and stop the bag smelling too!

One of the main selling points of the Jack Wolfskin Highland Trail 45 is the excellent number of pockets it has – 8 in total (including one within an adjustable lid cover that comes with a key clip!) This bag also has 2 main compartments that are accessible from the bottom and the top, as well as via an all-round zip at the front of the bag. This is a really great feature, because it means you can lie the bag down and get access to the main compartment like a suitcase – very handy for disorganised packers! It also means you can slide the bag under a bed in a dorm room, for example, and use it like a suitcase wardrobe. Separate access to the bottom of the bag is also helpful as it means you can easily store heavy things at the bottom safe in the knowledge that you’ll still be able to quickly access them you’re on the road. Placing heavy items at the bottom of your bag is much better in terms of weight distribution when it comes to carrying the bag and knowing that you won’t have to delve right down to the bottom of the bag from the top in order to retrieve them is a god-send!

The Jack Wolfskin Highland Trail 45 also offers compression straps on the sides and the base, as well as numerous lashing options for tying things onto the outside. My preference would be for a tent or a yoga mat, but this bag is certainly designed to lash trekking poles to the outside, as well as other hiking gear. This is denoted by the full contact suspension system, with adjustable chest strap, designed within theJack Wolfskin Highland Trail 45, which brilliantly supports the bag as it sits on your back and would make hiking a dream! The Women’s Jack Wolfskin Highland Trail 45is also a great model with a suspension system especiallyadapted for females.

Brilliant technology is also utilised in the bag’s tear-resident fabric – which is sure to withstand even the roughest of bus journeys and terrain! Within the Jack Wolfskin Highland Trail 45 there is ample room for a CamelBak, or other water bladder equipment. There is also an integrated raincover and clear reflectors on the outside of the bag to help keep you safe in poor weather conditions. This really makes the Jack Wolfskin Highland Trail 45an extremely flexible bag, great for all manner of activities and climates. Don’t forget that the great women’s version also means this bag is available to anyone. With a top brand name behind it, you also know that the Jack Wolfskin Highland Trail 45 is a bag you can trust.

If you are thinking about a backpacking holiday, read the review on the Jack Wolfskin Highland Trail 45. It might be the right backpack for you.

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