Juice up your baldness!

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Published: 08th May 2020
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Baldness is a big problem for person who suffers from hair loss issues. It is a great challenge for women and men who face stress, pressure and depression. World in which we live, make people ignore their eating habits. It makes hair lose its vitality and strength.
If you want hair grow treatment and prevent hair loss to need to consider lowering stress in your life, managing your diet and increase your blood circulation.


If your blood doesn’t circulate properly and if you don’t eat well then nutrients are nor absorbed by your head which results in excessive hair fall problems. You should make full effort that the blood reached the top of your body to overcome gravity. If your veins are not strong and your blood circulation is weak then your hair will be the first one to suffer.
Try to give a gentle massage in scalp of your head. With tips of your finger gently massage to calm down your stress in your head. In this process hair eats what they need to stay strong. For treatment of baldness roots need to be strong so blood circulation helps a lot in this process.


Try to include nutrition in what you eat. Don’t ditch healthy food because it is essential part to stay alive. Nutrients are absorbed by essential part of bodies like, skin, nails and hair. You can see drastic change in your hair if your follow a healthy routine and eating.
Add fresh vegetable juice daily in your routine as it is a real elixir and are full of proteins, antioxidants, enzymes and minerals. It provides great look for excellent health of hair. Most nutritious juices for hair regrowth can be made with sprouts, peppers, green chili, ginger, cactus, cucumber, parsley and onion.

How to make anti- baldness juice

• Take a medium sized cucumber peeled without seeds. Add half glass of fresh carrot juice in it. You can piece of cactus or two table spoon of Aloe Vera juice also to make it richer.
• Mix everything in blender and strain it well.
• You can have this drink with your meal once a day for the best results.

Juice for strengthening of hair

• A glass of carrot juice with added alfalfa and sprig of parsley.
• Blend it and don’t strain it.
• Avoid mixing fruits in your juices because they hinder sugar which avoids absorption of nutrients from vegetables.

Every vegetable is healthy with different types of minerals and nutrients. You can combine vegetable to make your own juice. But you should keep in mind that you choose fresh vegetables that are seasonal. Try to eat lot of salads and ass raw onion in it as it is excellent to mineralize the body and revitalize your hair.
If you are not fond of vegetables you can add fruits which are best for hair. Orange, cranberry, lemon and plum are best to make your hair healthy. Food like almonds, yeast, nuts, soya, olive oil products, fish and mil are best for hair.

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