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Published: 18th May 2020
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You know you're getting old when something you still own becomes "retro." Worse yet when your kids come home with one thinking they've just found something really cool and new.

The Casio Digital Watch was all the rage when I was young. More than that it was cutting edge technology and kind of space age. When Christmas and birthdays came around back in the 1970's we all wanted a casio personal calculator, (the size of a paperback book) or a bit later on, the ultimate. A casiotronic keyboard.

I can remember being really jealous of my uncle who wore the first digital watch I ever saw way back in the 70's, complete with display calender. I now know that it must have been a Casiotron which was the very first Digital watch ever made.

Come the early 80's digital watches were more affordable and attractive and I really wanted one. When I turned 21, it was very disappointing to end up with a traditional gold bracelet ladies Bulova.

The trend for electronic face digital display watches has come and gone during my lifetime but for some reason I never threw away the one I finally bought myself. A Casio Digital watch with a big square face and multi display of day, date and time, which has been relegated to the back of my old jewellery box for about 20 years.

When my son came over wearing one which was almost exactly the same and proudly showing it off I was amazed. Apparently the Casio Digital Watch is sought after and has street cred. Of course not wanting to look like I wasn't trend spotter, I got mine out and said I'd been keeping it to leave to him in my will. He took it immediately for his girlfriend - duh!(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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