Keeping the Love and Bond Even behind the Bars

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Families with a strong bond or ties greatly add to a favorable community around the globe. They inspire other aspiring couples and serves as a role model to build a family of their own with the same characteristics. Through the years, the family values and trust in each other is challenged and tested. The unexpected turnout of events occurs and our critical decision-making should be taken into consideration.
In such cases, one of the major problems that a family can encounter is having a member in jail. Even if it's the father, mother or any of their children, accidentally or wrongly accused of a crime, they need to support him/her whether the judgment will be for a longer time of imprisonment. As a rule in jails, prisoners have less privilege of the communication the normal free individual has. These results in having less talk and updates from your loved ones. You might miss a special event or occasion that certainly just happen once in a blue moon, but we can help you keep the communication open for them.
Inmate Visits
A conjugal visit is what we are familiar with. This is an arranged time and date for a prisoner to have a private moment with a visitor. The authorities allow a visit by a spouse, children, parents, original /foster parents, brothers/sisters, or someone who has a close familial bond. The day-to-day routine of you and your family are shared and if there is some sense of misunderstanding that will be the best time to resolve it. You'll also get to enjoy a special room and food that is provided. Some countries don't allow conjugal visits but others can have visits every 4-8 weeks. Make sure every visit is worth the time for you and your loved one.
Open line
Whenever the next visitation is too long or you simply can't wait to have a conversation with any family member, talking on the phone will be your next option. Say your son or daughter is having their graduation, cheap inmate calling services can lighten up the moment and you can talk as long as you want without thinking about the bill. It's as if you have gone to the graduation rights yourself and witness how your child feel proud for gaining this achievement not just for her/himself but for the ones who has helped him/her including you. Companies that can allow such calling services are IC Solutions, AT&T, Offender Connect, Securus, Comcast and etc.
Other Forms of Communication
As prisoners, don't just get contented with regular visits and talking over the phone. They have the power to seek other options to keep up the communication like snail mail, tapes (video and audio) and even child-visitation. A child longing for the care of a parent in jail can be eased by visitation rights. It has the same benefit to the child as to parents. They get to lessen the feeling of being separated and it creates another chance for a parent-child relationship to be developed.
To sum it all, if we really want to maintain constant flow of communication, we can do so. It's up to us how we deal with it and prove our loved one in jail that nothing can keep us apart.

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