Kitty Party Games! A Few Moments Of Unlimited - A Memory Of A Lifetime!

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Over the years, the face of kitty party has changed tremendously. Starting from what was just a small gathering of ladies, the concept of a kitty party is now much bigger with wide varieties of themes, foods and venues. But something that has always continued to be the biggest entertainer is the idea of including kitty party games. Kitty party games for Indian ladies have a completely different level of fun, excitement and color given that we have such a plethora of cultures and traditions.

The moment you think of hosting a kitty party, enlisting some exciting games for your guests becomes a major concern as you always want to entertain them to the best possible extent. And of course, what better way to amaze them than playing some cool and exciting kitty party games for girls!

So, how's the idea of one-minute kitty party games? Quite exciting! Isn't it? Why not? Having to complete a task within 60 seconds for an attractive prize is definitely worth the idea! So, just in case you are busy dealing with other preparations for your ensuing party, here we have a small list of some very-exciting games that you would love to explore.

One Minute Kitty Party Games

Grocery List

Making a grocery list is apparently a very common task but for this game, you can give it a little twist. Take a white paper and write all the Alphabets starting from A to Z leaving space against each letter. Next, depending on the number of participants, take print outs of the paper and distribute them among the ladies. Now give one minute time to the ladies to write the names of items that can think of buying from a grocery shop. Names that start with "A" such as "Apple Cider Vinegar" should be written against A on the paper and so on. Lastly, the winner of the game will be the lady with the longest list of items.

Drop The Lemon

For this kitty party game, all you need is a lemon and a steel glass. The idea is to hold the lemon and raise your hand above your head and from that point each of the participants will have to drop the lemon inside the steel glass. They can try it as many times they can within 60 seconds. Quite obviously, the winner of the game will be the member who first drops the lemon successfully inside the glass.

Lock And Key

Place a lock and mixed its key with other identical keys on a plate. Yes! You guessed it right! Now each lady will have to find the correct key and open the lock within 60 seconds. If you have taken too many keys, you can extend the time to two minutes for convenience. So basically, for this game, all you need is lock and keys. Ultimately, the winner will be the one who opens the lock in the minimum possible time.

Separate Rubber Bands

Take a bunch of single coloured rubber bands; make sure there are at least 100 bands on the plate. Now put a dot on 50 to 60 (or even 80 as per your wish) rubberbands and mix all the bands (dotted and plain ones) together and put them on a plate. Now give one minute time to the participants to sort out the dotted bands from the mixture and put them on a separate plate. The member who can separate maximum number of rubber bands will be the winner!


Fun and excitement! Aren't these two things quite evident in all these games?! Try these once and do let us know how you and your friends enjoyed them.

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