Know How To Speedup Windows PC And Keep It Safe From Malware Infection

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Published: 08th May 2020
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Whether it is adware, trojan, rootkit, virus, spyware and worms, overall they can termed as an malware infection. With the development of technologies it has become very common to get infected with such type of threat and face several unexpected issues on Windows based system. In these circumstances it is also quite obvious to tolerate sluggish system performance wait for a long in order to finish required online or off-line task. If you have landed on this page, it means you have also encountered with this type of problem and looking for better and convenient way to overcome this situation. You will glad to know that you have reached at right place as complete information about speedup Windows PC and malware removal has been discussed steps by step. So that you can better understand it and get back system performance as it was earlier.

In order to enhance Windows system performance it is important to clean your PC first and remove all malware infection completely with all its related or hidden files. In order to do so, either you can opt manual technique or get best third party solution as per your requirement and choice. After removing all PC threats in effective manner, you are advised that take precautionary measures to prevent system from malware infection. take a look on below given points to know how to speedup Windows PC and keep it safe from malware infection.

Tips To prevent Windows System From Malware Infection

1. First of all you should have an updated and authentic antivirus software so that it can block online threats to get installed on your PC.

2. Perform full system scan on regular anti-malware application and delete all identified threats.

3. You should defragment your computer by going to My computer>> Local Disk>> Select Tools and follow the given steps.

4. One should terminate all unnecessary programs that get launched automatically during system start. You can follow the given steps to do so:- Go to Start menu>> Select Run and type "msconfig" in the text box. Here you only need to terminate all those services and programs that you do not want to run automatically during Windows start.

5. You should also clean useless DLL files by selecting Start button>> Run>> type "regedit".

Now you should check here for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersion Explorer. After that create one new DWORD name like "AlwaysUnloadDLL". In the next step change data as 1.

One can also download or take help of third party registry cleaner to identify damaged and missing DLL file.

6. If RAM size is small then you should replace it with the bigger one to speedup Windows PC.

7. Cleaning of registry can also enhance system performance, so need to remove unwanted entries from the system registry on regular interval.

8. Use pop-up blocker on your default web browser to avoid adware infiltration unknowingly.

Apart from above mentioned points there are also some tips that can help you to keep PC safe and secure, but given points are one of the essential tips that can make your PC safe and secure from malware infection in near future.

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