Kung Fu -a Formidable Martial Art With Many Styles

Published: 08th May 2020
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Kung Fu is a very old, and effective martial art that's made up of several different forms, which only adds to its mystique and power. The most stylish system of Kung Fu, according to several martial artists is the White Crane style. Conventional styles of Kung Fu are patterned after the moves of animals, and this one originated from observing the crane bird. The defense forms of the White Crane are nothing short of amazing and are known as lethal beauty. Even though the movements aren't complicated, it takes a great deal of skill to apply them correctly. Practitioners of White Crane will use their art in self defense only when they have to, but in such cases they are extremely deadly. They have been taught to deal with any situation, but unless they haven't any choice, they will avoid a fight no matter what.

Wing Chun is a philosophy that will not be mastered before numerous years of practice, and even understanding will take years. It is based on the fact that the enemy could attack, absorb, and then neutralize the strike. Your response is going to rely on the movements of your attacker, and you develop a good deal of sensitivity. This is a style of combat that is very effective when you are close to the assailant, as you're not attempting to create much distance. Whereas in many styles of Kung Fu, along with Karate, you see blocks and other techniques intended for fighting at a distance, Wing Chun doesn't employ this type of tactic. In Wing Chun, contact is kept up whenever possible, as this means that you can never lose awareness of what your adversary is doing.

Hung Gar is a form of Kung Fu that concentrates on fighting in close quarters. It is quite effective in close quarters, such as an alley or small space, but not much for distance fighting. It really works in areas where other martial arts are unsuccessful, which makes it a solid system when the stylist learns how to handle these places. Praying Mantises are interesting insects and good fighters in their own right, which explains why a style of Kung Fu was named after them. The praying mantis has the ability to both attack and defend extremely proficiently, and in this style of Kung Fu, you learn to make similar movements.

Even though the Monkey style of Kung Fu might appear ridiculous when you first see it, it's really quite devastating. In the 1840s, when missionaries were first allowed in China, is how far back this style dates. This style was created from prison as a man known as See, viewed the prison apes, taking note of how they fought and defended themselves. Right after his release from imprisonment he became known as the Monkey Master, because of his adapted style. A lot of people followed after his style, and even nowadays, the Monkey system is effective.

There are several systems of martial arts you can select from, and a number of from within Kung Fu. While you can learn self defense skills pretty quickly, it may take a long time to truly perfect any style of Kung Fu. Anyone who studies Kung Fu consistently will reap many rewards, including the capability to guard yourself.

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