Kung Fu -a Highly effective Martial Art With Numerous Styles

Published: 10th May 2020
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Kung Fu comes from ancient China, and it is not really one martial art, but many; there are quite a few distinct styles. The most elegant system of Kung Fu, as reported by several martial artists is the White Crane style. The name, obviously, originates from the bird, and like a number of Kung Fu styles, it imitates the way animals move in nature. The moves of a highly trained master of White Crane are extremely lethal and powerful. The techniques are simple and to the point, but they might take a long time to master effectively. Though White Crane is a potentially lethal form of fighting, students learn first and foremost to avoid conflicts. They don't fight unless they have to, although their techniques give them devastating power when they really need it.

Wing Chun is a philosophy that won't be learned before numerous years of practice, and even understanding will take years. It is a style that makes use of movements that both neutralize the opponent's attack while simultaneously launching an attack of your own. Then the enemy will back down, pursue and then counter. In Wing Chun, you fight at a close range and don't try to get away from your adversary. Wing Chun doesn't use many blocks or long range attacks that are usually found in other striking martial arts. It is based on the idea of the shortest distance between points is a straight line, and it is a steady flow of energy that never stops.

Close quarter strategies, like the Tiger system of Shaolin, is basically what Hung Gar is. This is a style where you try and close the distance from your opponent so you can apply the powerful tactics. It works in areas where other martial arts fall short, which makes it a powerful system when the stylist learns how to handle these places. The Praying Mantis style was developed by a man known as Wang, nearly 400 years ago, by studying the actions of a praying mantis. By paying attention to the offensive and defensive movements of the praying mantis, he was able to come up with a style that remains today.

One of the most dangerous systems of martial arts, the Monkey style, is considered as a humorous approach to martial arts. This style dates back not less than a century and a half, when it was noticed by missionaries visiting China. See, a prisoner in a prison that had apes in the area, was viewing how these animals would hit and defend and developed a martial art from this. He came to be referred to as Monkey Master, as he applied and taught his new martial art after he was let out of jail. Throughout the years, the Monkey style of Kung Fu has remained famous and it's still taught these days.

There are numerous schools of Kung Fu, and you can choose the one that you like, even though it also helps to have a qualified instructor in your area. To be skillful in Kung Fu may take years of practice, so you will need some patience. A number of types of Kung Fu are extremely effective for learning the art of self defense.

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