Kung Fu: It Is Not Just For Self Defense

Published: 08th May 2020
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A lot of people think that martial arts is some odd fighting system where individuals do chop-chop with their hands. I'm not certain people would say that Kung Fu was about learning lessons of respect, how to be fair to other people, how to have harmony of spirit, and having full self control over every situation. A student who is able to combine all these lessons together and applies it in their daily life, he or she shall be successful in a very challenging world. Being strong psychologically and physically is the goal that each student of Kung Fu takes.

Kung Fu itself does not have competitions but students of Kung Fu can take part in other martial art competitive events. The age-old martial art of Kung Fu teaches that fighting back should only be used as a last resort. It is necessary for the student of Kung Fu to avoid any conflict regardless of how badly the opposition is treating them. Anyone can learn the martial art of Kung Fu, as long as there exists a strong desire. Kung Fu itself is not damaging at all, but if you fail to use it the right way, it could be fatal.

In Kung Fu, there are five animals that are included in its techniques: dragon, eagle claw, crane, snake and tiger. A few of the most remarkable styles in martial arts are taken from the animals they are named after. Of the five animals, Tiger Claw is definitely the most deadly, and its students are taught to strike like the feared tiger. While you do this technique, the power flows through the hand when one hits with the purpose of tearing the adversary's flesh. You're going to have a difficult time locating a person to teach you Tiger Claw since the style is quite dangerous and deadly.

There is an assumption for many that Kung Fu is focused on self defense. Actually, Kung Fu is about making the mind and body strong and self defense is just one component of several. Students of Kung Fu are trained to look inside, to get over their feelings by learning total control, instead of overcoming others. In Kung Fu, you will discover how to steer clear of confrontation and to be in peace with yourself. A student of Kung Fu is only expected to look after himself or herself if the situation might result in bodily harm.

The Chinese are convinced there is a balance that keeps the balance between heaven and earth, and that balance is what is critical for Kung Fu. This notion of balance is key to making Kung Fu or any martial art effective for you. So long as the students can do away with all disruptions by emptying their minds and fully focus their thoughts, this balance can be attained.

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