Learn How To Calculate The Battery Usage Of Your Phone !!!

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Published: 08th May 2020
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Learn How To Calculate The Battery Usage Of Your Phone !!!

Other than the screen size, the camera and the OS, the essential thing in a smartphone is its battery. It relies on upon the quality
of the battery that to what extent you can utilize your phone under ordinary utilization in a solitary charge.

The battery size is measured in mAH means milliampere-hours. Now this means how much milliampere current the battery can supply for an hour of operation or in other words, in how much time the battery will discharge when a specified milliampere is used.

A straightforward numerical equation is utilized for the count

The current usage load x the number of hours in use

For example, if the battery is 1500mAH and it requires 150mAH of current load in a go then the battery will last then as per the
formula 150*10=1500. It means the battery will last for 10 hours

If the current usage load is

300mAH per hour battery will last for 5 hrs

450mAH per hour battery will last for 3.33 hr

600 mAH per hour battery will last or 2.5 hr

And so onů

Reasons for battery drainage

Now, there are certain key factors that can be considered for the battery life. Depending upon the usage of the phone you can check
for how long you can enjoy in a single charge.

Like how long you usually use your phone? How much time you spend on internet or how much time mobile data is active or how much time
you spend on watching videos. The lesser the usage, you may enjoy longer hours of operation in one charge.


If the downloaded apps require continuous updates, then the chances of battery drainage is higher. For example the emails require continuous updates and if you are checking them frequently or if your apps require track of your location then you may face faster battery drainage.


If the call network or internet network is fluctuating off and on frequently then the battery will drain faster than required.
Now, you can check, if the battery is draining faster, probably, it is not only the cause of the faulty battery, there are other reasons attached to it. When used reasonably then you can enjoy longer hours of operation in between charges.

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