Learn to Drive the Right Way

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Published: 25th June 2015
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Learning to drive can be exciting and terrifying all at the same time. The ability to drive a car brings with it a whole heap of new opportunities and independence but it also requires a lot of responsibility and care.

Driving Lessons From Family Members
One of the prerequisites to taking the Vicroads drive test is submitting a logbook of 120 driving hours. It is almost impossible to complete these 120 hours without practicing at least some time with your family members or friends. However, most drivers, even mum and dad, have some bad driving habits and itís important that you donít pick up on them during your initial driving lessons or else it may be hard to break those habits down the track. Bad driving habits can be the difference between passing and failing your driving test.

Mums tend to be jittery during the first few lessons with their kids and dads can be a little impatient. These are not the best conditions for learning to drive. An older sibling may seem like the ideal supervisor but they usually donít have enough driving experience themselves to provide sufficient instruction. Thatís why itís important to learn from a professional instructor, at least for your first few hours of driving.

Driving Lessons From Driving Instructors
There are so many things to remember on the road and it can be daunting at first. There are driving instructors Melbourne wide whose job is to train young people, just like you, to fight their nerves and become safe, confident drivers.

The advantage of learning to drive through a driving school, Melbourne based, is that your driving instructor spends day in and day out in a car, observing slight driving mistakes and teaching students how to correct those habits. Mum or dad may spend a lot of time driving but they are not professionals, trained to see what regular passengers donít often notice.

Driving instructors are able to offer special tips and tricks to mould you into the best and safest driver possible. They can teach you the basics of driving and set you off to a good start so that you can continue logging your driving hours with your parents, knowing that you arenít picking up on their bad driving habits from the get go.

Finding the Right Driving School
Itís important to find a driving school, Melbourne based, which offers lessons from driving instructors, Melbourne wide. This means that you can learn to drive in your local area, on the roads which you are most likely to frequent even after you pass your driving test. Driving along familiar routes between school, home and work will help to build your confidence and prepare you for the driving conditions that you are most likely to encounter in your everyday life as a driver.

In addition to driving along your regular routes, itís important to find a school which offers driving lessons Melbourne wide, including practice along roads which are renowned for being used by observers during the Vicroads driving test.

Vehicle Requirements
There are many requirements as to the vehicle that you can use during your driving test. You may choose to use your own vehicle or your parentsí car, however, there are many rules you need to follow, especially related to roadworthiness.

It is usually easier to use your driving schoolís car as the driving instructors are familiar with all of the rules and requirements and make sure that their vehicles are in tip top condition.

Find a school which offers packages including driving lessons, Melbourne wide, as well as vehicle use during your driving test. This way, you know that you are taking driving lessons in a car which is roadworthy to Melbourne roads standards.

Passing the Vicroads Drive Test
The Vicroads drive test is a two part test where you will be observed driving under various traffic conditions. You will also be required to safely perform driving manoeuvres such as three point turns and parallel parking.

If you find the right driving school and practice hard, your driving lessons in Melbourne should prepare you well for the test. Once youíve got plenty of logged hours under your belt and you have good driving habits, the key to passing the Vicroads drive test is confidence. Take a deep breath before your test and believe in yourself. Then, youíll walk out of that Vicroads with a big smile on your face.

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