Learning About the Innovative Martial Art Known as Bok Fu Do

Published: 08th May 2020
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Kung fu, karate, and kenpo are three popular martial art form. Kung fu represents the numerous traditional forms of martial arts of China; karate is the empty hand and weapons based fighting art of Okinawa and Japan; and kenpo can be viewed as an assorted blend of traditional fighting methods and modern self-defense systems. Lots of martial artists have a tendency to merge a number of fighting systems to develop a new system. As an example, aspects of kung fu and kenpo were put together by Richard Lee Couvelier. The result is Bok Fu Do. The Chinese Bo Fu stands for "White Tiger". The tiger is emblematic in the arena of martial arts. Although sleek and graceful, a tiger could be a very dangerous predator. You will notice the tiger symbolism in different martial art styles.

Exactly why should anyone try learning Bok Fu Do anyway? What exactly causes it to be a unique style of martial art? The external fighting strategies of Shotokan Karate, which is a really popular Japanese karate system, is integrated in Bok Fu Do. Karate traces its roots to the Shaolin Temple of China. Kung Fu's 5 animal styles were taught and practiced here. In Bok Fu, the traditional fighting roots of kung fu are explored as components from the five animal styles (crane, dragon, tiger, leopard, and snake) are weaved into the training progression. There's kenpo, whose fluid, circular movements and also modern self-defense moves are included to make Bok Fu one of the more innovative martial art styles to emerge. Classic forms of martial arts are lost in a sea of sportive combat systems. Nonetheless, Bok Fu Do offers an innovative approach as it fuses elements of the traditional forms of martial arts and modern-day self-defense systems.

In Bok Fu Do, you won't be spending all of your time training for combat and self-defense. Traditional martial arts training has lots of benefits and these benefits can be had by training in Bok Fu Do. One of the more fascinating aspects of this style of martial art is the fact it invests a good deal of time helping to developing skill in concentration. A lack of concentration leads to scattered thoughts and all other kinds of distractions. Getting the mind in order by calming it is surely a worthwhile endeavor.

In Bok Fu Do, an incredible emphasis is put on the meditative benefits of training in the martial arts. This can help contribute to the crucial calming of the mind required to put anxiety, stress, and annoyance to rest. Additionally, self-esteem is developed through Bok Fu Do training. This is definitely great for kids, but even adults can benefit from this type of approach to mastering the martial arts. Studying this martial art brings with it a number of health advantages. As a result, its practitioners can easily achieve the best combination of sound mind and body.

Bok Fu Do is absolutely one of the more impressive martial arts around. Those trying to find something different in their martial arts training are advised to look closer at what it is offering.

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