Learning About The Martial Arts Weaponry

Published: 17th May 2020
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The weapons utilized in martial arts are naturally an interesting topic for people who enjoy either martial arts or weapons. Enthusiasts across the world collect these weapons. People have a natural awe for martial arts weaponry. Maybe you would like to find out how your martial arts skills stack up to earlier champions while using the weapons for yourself. Or, you might merely like collecting. Through the years, there have been numerous popular martial arts weapons. The pop culture of martial arts weapons changes every so often, but the following are usually hot items..

Nunchakus: Like many martial arts weapons, nunchakus had an simple purpose. Their first purposes was to grind rice. It was not until Bruce Lee achieved great recognition that this tool which had been converted into a weapon of convenience became a popular martial arts weapon.

Samurai Sword: It took quite some time, but the samurai sword took over as the most popular martial arts weapon due to popular movies. Before this, the samurai sword had been struggling with many years of declining popularity.

The Katana: This is the "short sword" that was carried as a secondary weapon to the primary samurai sword and although not as famous as a samurai sword, it has its devoted students.

Kali/Escrima/Arnis Sticks: One of the true draws of Filipino martial arts, these sticks are great for training for self-defense or for various martial arts purposes. They particularly appeal to individuals who prefer blunt weapons.

The Staff: One of the most common of weapons, found throughout a number of martial arts, the staff is a weapon that can often be found on hand in a variety of forms whenever you all of a sudden find yourself in a fight. The staff just isn't an aggressor's weapon, as it would not typically be a first choice when going into a fight, but when mastered it gives solid defensive advantages.

The Three-Sectional Staff: You can look at this as a weapon with a cult following due to its appearance in the martial arts film classic The 36th Chamber of Shaolin. You can think of this weapon as nunchakus in the form of a staff.

Shuriken: For better or for worse, shuriken throwing stars have for many years been a part of the martial arts landscape since the ninja film boom of the 1980s. While you do have to marvel at the design of these edged weapons, you also have to realize they are extremely dangerous and created to hurt people. These make sense for ninjas, since their martial art is centered on quick assassination.

The Butterfly Swords: Curiosity about these weapons has grown due to renewed interest in the art of Wing Chun kung fu. The practice and study of these swords can certainly help your Wing Chun skills immensely.

The Bow and Arrow: Since it is difficult to learn Zen archery, lots of people can't refrain from trying. If you practice martial arts using a bow and arrow your aim is to learn how to gain control over yourself as you patiently aim at your target.

This is only a short list of martial arts pop culture weaponry. You should really enjoy trying to make full use of the fighting versatility of every single weapon.

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