Learning About The Popular Self-Defense Tactics

Published: 08th May 2020
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Self-defense is an incredibly complex topic and it is also an extremely serious one. What many individuals dread is to be in a serious situation and not be able to defend themselves. Unfortunately, there is a myth that abounds that you must be a super fighter to properly guard yourself. Actually, you simply need to know several simple self-defense techniques and be able to execute them when necessary. Clearly, being a great fighter will further add to your ability to make these self-defense moves work, but being a great fighter takes time. You could work towards becoming an effective fighter, but as you are doing that, you can already use these basic self-defense techniques.

Firstly, you have to be aware of the fact that not all self-defense techniques need to cause serious damage or even be lethal. In most cases, you just need to be able to know how to do simple self-defense tactics that will allow you to escape a violent situation. For example, a grip strip move is very effective in helping you to free yourself from a tight grab. The way you strip the grip depends on the hold that the attacker has you in. Generally, a strip calls for pummeling with your limbs to put pressure on the weaker part of the assailant's hands. This simple self-defense technique will break your assailant's hold and give you an opening for escape. Amazingly, kicking the shins or stomping on the ankle of your attacker is a self-defense move that is extremely effective in helping you escape from a grip or stopping violent attacks.

Now, for people who are seeking highly devastating martial arts tactics, a combination of headbutts, knees, and elbows is considered the absolute most dangerous moves you could employ. They must be made use of only in the most severe of situations. While not as devastating as headbutts, knees, and elbows, but every bit as "distasteful" are the groin kicks and eye jabs. These techniques can keep an assailant from causing you further harm. They also set the stage for a finishing blow or give you an opportunity to get away.

Yet another very simple, yet highly effective self-defensemove is the ear slap. It can have a serious impact on an attacker. A single slap to the ear can truly disrupt the assailant's sense of balance. Depending upon your hand's position, it's possible to seriously injure the ear drum which is not something you would want to do in errant. Generally, it is a cupped hand which can do this type of damage. In some instances, a self-defense situation doesn't demand retaliating and hurting the other person. In such cases, elbow locks, wrist locks, and similar grappling moves are enough to control your attacker without causing him any injury. You'll not make use of them to bust any bones. Instead, they are utilized to bring someone at bay and restraining the person.

There are a lot more self-defense techniques you can use to defend yourself, but the ones talked about are the more common ones. It'll be to your benefit if you opt to increase your knowledge of simple, but effective self-defense tactics.

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