Leveraging Customer Care and Social Media - The People-Controlled Environment for Business!

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Published: 30th April 2020
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Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter are increasingly becoming important channels for interacting with and serving customers. The pervasiveness of social media is compelling businesses boost their presence and brand awareness across all social media channels but customer care is often getting less importance.Here are some recommendations for B2C-focused communications services providers, ISVs and technology companies to focus on customer care initiatives with a two-stage framework on employee allocation to resolve customer-related issues and problems.Identification of right social media platforms for customer serviceTwitter is hailed as a fantastic interactive social media platform, where the "tweet" is the mode of customer interaction. Strategies need to be streamlined for quick resolution of customer queries through tweets and posts.
Facebook, Twitter, forums and blogs offer companies a chance to have enriching encounters with customers and learn more about them. In fact, many organizations already have a social-media strategy for customer engagement. But most companies have just used social sites and channels as extensions to traditional sales and marketing channels. Some social media pages feature ads to buy products and services through discounts or coupons along with other promotional offers.Need for InteractivityIt is important for more effective customer interactions and closer customer relationships for fruitful user engagements. Companies can no longer depend on customers to contact them but need to take a proactive approach in managing customers' expectations. Customers have a greater say directing the way for products and services.Here are some attributes that need to be leveraged:

Service interaction should be highly visible and public.

Retweet or share a good experience throughout the network.

Quick and easy resolution through social media

Avoid redirection of issues to different parties
A sustained focus on providing superior service experience can lead to higher profits with the increasing brand advocacy from customers.Two-Stage Prioritization Framework for Addressing Response Rates

Categorization of incoming tweets in three queues, based on importance and severity of issue

Ranking of tweets within each queue based on the nature and attributes of tweets and retweets
Customers who reach out to brands on Twitter prefer to have their issues resolved through the channel itself hence a seamless service experience is important to build brand loyalty. Minimize the redirection and realign the channel redirect process for a simplified user experience.

Looking Forward to a Social Customer Service FutureSocial customer care is important in all consumer-facing industries and hence companies meet the need for real-time engagement and deliver superior customer experience. Depending on the platform, the strategies used by competitors, weeding out marketing mistakes and by delivering what customers are looking for; companies need to zero in the right social platform and right strategy, while having the right metrics for customer analytics.

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