Link your bank account with your LPG subsidy connection using your

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Published: 30th April 2020
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As the government have introduced subsidy facility for LPG refills, we need to get the bank account and Aadhaar card linked with LPG connection to get the subsidy. Most of us has got it done but still there are people who are running to and fro from bank to gas agency to get it updated. The very simple answer we may get it from them is to fill the form again. No wonder there are many of us who have filled the form dozen of times but still it is not linked. At times we have to take a leave from office to get the work done Even, most of us either call the gas agency to book the refill cylinder or send the SMS for the same. Well, calling is an age old process. although booking through sms is a new concept introduced by the government. In this post we will learn how we can do all this from our smartphone using methods other than call and sms If you have android phone and a mobile data plan or use internet through WIFI then the below article will be of great knowledge.

We know that everyone has created their app and so does the gas supply companies. The apps are available on playstore. You just need

to download the app of the gas supplier to proceed further.
Once the app is downloaded, you can create your account to see all the information related to your connection. You can check details of your till date gas refill status, your subsidy status, your personal details.

Bank Account Seeding

Linking or seeding of Aadhaar number with the bank account of a beneficiary is necessary to ensure seamless transfer of cash benefit relating to various government schemes such as LPG subsidy, scholarships and pension.

Now, when you go at the option for bank account seeding you can fill the online form available for the same and once you click submit, the soft copy of the form will be sent to your registered mail. You just have to take the print of the form, sign it and deposit to the bank and to the service provider. Your account will be linked with the bank.

Refill order

Now when you go to option for refill order, you can place the order for booking refill cylinder. You will receive the booking ID on registered phone and mail and the refill will reach your doorstep in few days and the subsidy will be credited to your bank account.

Other options

Even if you want to opt out of the subsidy, the tab for the same is available on the app. Just fill in the details and everything is done from home or your workplace and you donít have to take leave from office for the same.

You can even log a mechanic service or can book double cylinder booking if you need them and can get all the important contact details of the gas agency and service provider

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