Lipstick Curls: Putting Old Hollywood Glam Back to the Fore

Published: 17th August 2015
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If you would like have a hair and makeup that is both sophisticated and alluring at the same time, then you should opt for the vintage look. Base on how A-list personalities are styling themselves in red carpet occasions and public appearances, it appears like nothing can top the return of the old Hollywood glamour. If you are going to a vintage celebration or maybe wants to look effortlessly beautiful then you better call and give Lipstick Curls a great shot.

If you wish to look sophisticated carrying that vintage aura, there is only one brand name that you can turn into. Lipstick Curls is a firm noted for its vintage hair and beauty products founded by Amanda Moorhouse in 2009. Since then, it has provided its services to various customers in UK who wants to achieve the classic vintage look. With features from high fashion magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harpers, and other renowned magazines in UK, you can rest assured that you will be having the best with regards to Vintage Makeup and hairstyle.

All of their services are rendered by vintage hair and also makeup experts that's why you are able to guarantee that you'll look wonderful. This company as well turn all brides like a priceless princess utilizing their services of Vintage Wedding. The company will certainly send their artists to meet along with the bride to enable them to try out different vintage hairstyles to be able to see just what style is ideal for her. It's definitely recommended for the bride to avail the hair and makeup try out service, to make sure that several days just before the wedding, she already know how she look. This will also give her the assurance that her hair and makeup perfectly matches along with her gown.

The artist will photograph your chosen hair and makeup, so that it would be easier to recreate the look on your wedding. They make certain that the recreation is significantly done efficiently by conducting documentaries regarding each technique, supply, and equipment that they will be using. Since the Vintage look is getting more popular among weddings and brides, you may also want to try the look for yourself. Thus, if you want to have a Vintage Hair style on your wedding, you better keep in touch with these people.

When you employ their services and opt to acquire a Vintage Bridal package, you therefore can benefit also various services like eyebrow grooming, manicure, dance classes, catering, and Vintage car rent for that Vintage look generally. They also have the ability to give you some more services such as party packages, trainings or even make up demonstration and Pop Up Parlor besides Vintage Makeup and Vintage Hair.

There is so much fun with Lipstick and Curls. They also give hair and make up workshops where you and your buddy can attend to. By knowing different techniques in applying make up and hair do, you will also get to appreciate the moment with your friends. By doing so, this will let you spend less as there's no need for you to hire somebody to get your hair and make up done. Also, they have party packages that you can avail if you would like hold a make over party with your friends.

Lipstick and Curls has already established a professional name in the world of fashion. That's why they turn out to be probably the most favored vintage hair and makeup company in UK. In case you would like to get top notch services, then they are the company you ought to choose.

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