Local Painters are Worth Every Cent

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Published: 06th February 2017
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It may be cheaper to DIY paint than to hire a painter in Sydney. But it is not cheaper by as big a margin as you might think.

Professional painters can purchase paint at trade prices, so they have a head-start already.

We all calculate the surface area of the rooms to paint, no problem. That gives us the price of the paint we need to buy. But once you are at the hardware and you start picking up all the extra you hadn't thought of, the price quickly balloons.

Brushes, rollers, undercoat, cling wrap, tape, sheets, cloths, cleaners, undercoat, filler, sand paper, paint trays, paint tins opening tools, steel wool, turps, stirrers, mould prevention additives. The list is long.

Before you know it the price has increase by 50%, and you have taken all of Saturday morning to start getting started. You thought you'd be well into it already, but the best part of the weekend is already over.

Painting takes hours, turning into days. Prep work is the forgotten time vortex. There is no way around the fact the prepping surfaces takes a long time. And it is usually also not factored in. Then 3 coats on all surfaces: ceilings, trim, walls and the feature wall. That's a total of 12 painting sessions involving 5 different paint products!

And if you thought you'd be sipping beer in between coats you'll probably find that there is no time to stop as you discover that the weekend is not enough, so you'll be painting all night. Duck over to borrow or hire some lights that can keep you going,loose another hour.

The biggest cost is that you'll be doing final coats late at night, in poor conditions, and in a weakened state. So the finish looks cheaper than it was, because only you now know just how much it has cost you.

If you have a job, even a decent job, then you'll be better off working and paying for a painter. It is possible that their contact rate is more than your hourly rate, but their supplies are cheaper, and they work so fast.

We always want people to see a professional paint finish before they assume they can match it with such little painting experience!

If you do want to continue to paint DIY we do understand. Perhaps whit article will give you some insight into what you need to consider, before you start, to save your sanity!

For advice and assistance with house painting Sydney, you can contact Colour Elegance.

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