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Published: 05th February 2017
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We havea decade of experience in providing Residential Lockout Servicessecurity services in Dubai and Cleaning Services In Dubaitechnical services in Dubai and all over UAE.

We excel in providing the most efficient locksmith & handyman services in Dubaiand its nearby areas.

Providing instant solutions to all types of locks, plumbing issues, electrical issues, lock repair issues, lost key issues and security issues has been our forte and kept us going even through the toughest economic times.

Dedication and excellent customer service has helped us become one of the most sought after locksmith services in UAEand we are proud of our qualityand prompt emergency services that we have achieved through constant learning and training of our technicians and ourselves.

Al Beda Al Jadeed provides Locksmith services in Dubai and Al Suroor Technical provides Handyman services in Dubai and both companies was established in the early 2000. While working for several companies as a locksmith and handyman, Syed.(company director) found that most of these companies often failed to provide a genuine 24-hour services that would be truly available for the companies' respective customers all year round,as well as provide themwith a professional standard of efficiency and value for money.

In order to provide a complete solution to all those who looked for better locksmith or handyman services,

Syed came up with the idea of establishing Al Beda Al Jadeed & Al Suroor Technical, and provide24 hour emergency services in Dubaiand its nearby areas and provide customers with locksmith service and handyman technical services that refers to quality of service and cost effective solutions.

Our service lineis available for any of youwho are locked out of your property or having anyrequirementsrelated to doors, locks, plumbing, electrical, painting, or the security of your property.

Finding a reliable & professional locksmith or handyman can be difficult task,Here are the few reasons why thousands of customers have chosen us for the job in Dubai.

We have more than ten years of experience and provide extremely satisfactory service during years of operation, testify that there is somethingabout our locksmith & handyman services that may separate us from our competitors.

We have exceptionally talented, well-trained and experienced locksmiths, technical handyman's and security engineers as part of our team.We are always aiming to stay up to date with what's new in our industry and are always keen to learn.

Our dedicated customer service and instantaneous response to lock-outs has always helped us spread well as word of mouth by our customers.

Cost-effective service with nonparallel quality standards, along with our efforts at making sure that we always have everythingin stock (and in the back of our vans), give the final extra help that our most valuable customers could always use.

Few would take the pains to find any other locksmith or handyman enterprise that has achieved so much in such a short span of time.

Since its establishment, our team of locksmiths, handyman's technicians has always looked at delivering more value in our locksmithand technicalservices and doing more for our customers.

We have never believed in compromising with the security needs of our customers.

This is the reason why our customers in Dubai, for crucial locksmith & technical handyman operations, have consistently preferred us.

Residential and commercial locksmith, handyman and security services are the primary areas of our operation and we have always succeeded inliving up to the expectations of our customers.

Locksmith Dubai

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