Magento Community Edition: Analysing The Positives And Negatives

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Published: 28th November 2016
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Magento Community Edition is an eCommerce development tool ranked as the best resource for eStore design. Here is an overview of its various pros and cons.

About Magento Community Edition

The Magento Community Edition is a free-version of this eCommerce website development tool. It is popularly known as a platform built on open-source technology which provides online merchants with unprecedented levels of control and flexibility over the look, content, and functionality on offer from the developed eCommerce store.

The Magento Community Edition, also known as Magento CE, is at present regarded as the best free platform for development of eCommerce websites. So let us have an overview of the various pros and cons on offer from this development platform that Magento developers need to keep in mind while setting up an online store.

Magento Community Edition- Advantages

Open Source Platform

In spite of being a free platform, the Magento CE is an open source development tool. Users are granted the opportunity to freely modify the development code so as to fit individual needs, thus bringing a great amount of flexibility that can be put to good use in business adoption. As compared to the other eCommerce platforms this is a huge advantage.

Wide range of functionalities

The Magento eCommerce development tool is revered for the large number of functionalities it provides. This is one reason why most users consider choosing Magento CE for the development of their online store. It covers all of the aspects of website design that any e-Store owner is likely to stress upon, such as shipping, payments, products, site design, and much more. This makes it a perfect place to start with online store development. Moreover, the Magento CE is evolving at all times with countless Magento templates, themes, extensions, plugins and widgets available in the market.

It is interesting to note how the script allows for running several stores at the same time with simultaneous administration from a single admin panel. Another example of the extraordinary capabilities of this framework is its ability to set up a template for a given product. This presents the product differently to the client than the other products during the same period.


There is a growing community of dedicated and passionate providers, users, and developers supporting the Magento CE tool. So what is the benefit of this? The fact that it is a free edition limits the support from the technical team. Users help each other by sharing experience and knowledge on the various blogs and forums around the world. Thus there is always likely to be help at hand no matter how complicated your development issues and requirements are.

Magento Community Edition- Disadvantages

Usage of PHP

One of the biggest drawbacks of using Magento is that it implements PHP. During the heavy processes, applications developed on Magento tend to consume many gigabytes of RAM. PHP is often simply unable to handle the load, irrespective of the amount of hardware that is thrown at it.

It is not meant for amateur developers

The Magento platform is exceedingly complicated so for a beginner lacking any sort of technical skill, it is not the appropriate solution. Even an experience person requires time to learn Magento step-by-step before they earn any form of certification. Although designed as an enterprise Java application the Magento codebase is written in PHP. So if you are not familiar with the Java or Zend Frameworks it will take you months to learn and use this platform. Honestly speaking, finding a quality Magento developer is not a very easy task.

Magento Community Edition versus Magento Enterprise Edition

The paid and free editions of Magento have some differences: Marketing is the strong base on which the Magento Community edition is designed while the Magento Enterprise edition focusses more on the technical side rather than marketing aspects. Moreover, the support for code and additional modules are two entirely different things. First, the Enterprise edition features a warranty, service level agreement, and legal protection. All fixes to the code have to be made first under legal obligations. Second, some useful additional features are available only in the Enterprise edition and these include store credit functions, back-end access, and private sales.

So what do you think- Is Magento CE the ideal platform for building your own eCommerce store? Hire Magento developers from a reputed company if you feel you have found the right tool for design and development of your online store.

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