Maintaining Your Company's Network

Published: 06th February 2017
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Can you recall a time that the telephone establishment around the Houston area was an evil entity who picked your pockets for every small thing they provided? In those days, business phone service was often prohibitively costly and only the big, important companies had voicemail, conference calling and other robust services.

Cloud services have changed business systems to create a competitive landscape that offers lower rates, a better variety of features and more reliable phone services than at any time in the past. Now, most businesses don't use a phone company anymore. Their business services are delivered by way of the world wide web and is part of their computer system. When phone systems fail, companies around Houston call their IT support wizard to take care of the problem.

Using computer networking for phone service brings several advantages. To start, having everything on one system is a breeze to maintain. Businesses simply contact IT consulting companies close to Houston to get it all up and running. Many internet tech services offer extensive experience to integrate internet telephone services into the existing server infrastructure.

One server for data and phone services makes the network more secure. In addition, it also permits the combination of network data with the companies' phone system, combining voice mail, faxing, email and more to one platform.

Advance-level features are also utilized on all VOIP business phone systems configured in Houston, TX. Call waiting, call forwarding, conference calls, 3-way calling, faxing services and additional functionality are all tied together for convenience and simplicity.

Finally, telephone calls are cheaper than before and aren't limited to boundaries or location. In some instances, the price is the same to talk to someone in Japan as it does to call someone across town.

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