Major mistakes in web designing and development in India

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Published: 24th July 2015
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Over the process of development of a company, right from the stage of commencement till its deployment, the most essential part is its website development. It is the website that creates a first and an everlasting impression about the company in the minds of the visitors. Hence, they need to be more cautious in the process of development of their websites.

Websites seem to be the most obvious and the basic marketing tool for any business and hence it becomes indispensable for any business to check that it is done right. A website that is ‘done right' does not essentially mean that it looks good enough to attract the visitor rather it includes much more aspects such as it reaches the market niche, satisfies the business goals apart from answering to the queries of the users.

On the other hand poorly designed websites apart from consuming the initial expenses made on its development would result in loss of the potential revenue that would have been earned via well designed websites. It is still a challenging task to design usable websites.

Let us now look in to some of the major mistakes that have been made by the web designers while developing websites in India.
Lack of knowledge on the market niche: For a website to be successful it is inevitable to have a research analysis on the market niche to draw their prominent attention. Focusing the attention on the target audience and designing the websites to suit their tastes and preferences would alone yield fruitful results. For instance choosing bigger font sizes would attract elders whereas making the websites compatible on smartphone would attract the youngsters.

Avoid too much flashy designs: It has to be always remembered that the websites are being developed for marketing the business and not the designs. Apart from attracting the visitors the designs should get them to the right place once they reach the Home page. A successful website has to be designed in such a way that it would enable a visitor to figure out his needs and wants within just 3 seconds.

Poor readability and legibility: The most crucial element in designing a website through best web design service providers is to make it readable to its users. Although a good interface attracts a user to the website, the text or its internal content should be legible and easily readable to communicate the desired information. Choosing good combination of colours and fonts would be more desirable.

Unorganized content layout: It is the content of the website that draws traffic to it and hence it has to be neatly structured to be successful. Proper headings, sub headings, bullets, paragraphs and appropriate page titles are all the key factors that make the content organized to attract the users. Inaccurate, insignificant, out dated content should be avoided with care and caution.

Bad Navigation: It is inevitable for a successful website to have a seamless navigation. After getting in to the website the visitor need to navigate within to satisfy the purpose of his visit to the web page. Therefore, it is highly indispensable to have an intuitive and consistent navigation for the users to move easily within the website to retain the visitors to it.

Unfriendly screen resolution: It would be irritating and aggravating for the users to scroll horizontally every now and then while looking into the website. A good designer therefore develops a web page that fits on most of the screen sizes. The most preferable optimized layouts for the websites at present is 1024x768 pixels.

Moreover, avoiding unwanted animations, too much of white space on the web page and back ground music are also the additional factors that needs due consideration.

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