Making the workplace a safer place with spill pallets

Published: 17th November 2014
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It seems that those who preach the benefits of health and safety in the workplace are often the source of amusement and ridicule on TV from comedians and social commentators. Whilst the focus of jokes about health and safety usually revolve around the more severe and strict examples that we have all heard about from time to time, it is unfortunate that it actually masks the really important work undertaken by many businesses to make their working environments a far safer place. I wonder how many of these comedians would make light of such dedication to the cause if they were prevented from suffering injury due to the hard work that goes on?

The workplace can be a scary place from a health and safety perspective, with so many potential dangers in place, it really can present a whole load of possible nightmare scenarios for both staff and members of the public. In fact you could quite possibly find dangers in almost areas of any work place, though by far one of the most dangerous is where there is equipment and large containers being stored. In particular, containers of dangerous or flammable fluids can pose a very serious risk that simply cannot be ignored. In case like this where a leak could cause serious slippage or fire risk then spill pallets are a really useful health and safety addition to any work area such as a factory forecourt, store room or workshop.

Spill pallets provide a place for the containers to be kept off the ground. this means that should there be any leakage from the containers, the spill pallets will contain it and prevent it from going onto the floor.

Very often spilt fluids can be a very big danger for a whole number of reasons. Sometimes it is the most basic of reasons: slipping. Imagine a worker carrying some heavy tools slips on the fluid. That could cause very serious injury. Or what if the area is accessible to cars, lorries or fork lift trucks. A vehicle going out of control because of a slip could lead to a fatality. These may seem like extreme examples but unfortunately it often takes a serious accident to make people aware of the risks posed by not using spill pallets or other important safety measures.

Some fluids are not just slippery but could be flammable. Should the leaks from containers of such fluids get out of control then the risk to lives could be great. Whilst spill pallets are not the complete solution to any major accident, it is unlikely that having spill pallets in place would make a workplace as vulnerable.

Of course there is a much bigger picture here, and this is on a more business like level. Safety is good for business. This may seem like a bizarre remark, especially given that items such as spill pallets do represent quite a significant investment, but a safe working environment is a more productive one. Thin k about it like this, if your staff are less likely to be off with work related accidents or illness then you are less likely to suffer delays in productivity. That makes your business more profitable and a better place to work. Not having safety in place could not only lead to accidents but it also puts the safety of your whole workplace at risk. Can you really afford not to invest in safety measures like spill pallets? Maybe it is time to reassess your health and safety measures and invest in things that will put safety at the top of the agenda where it should be.

For quality workplace equipment you really need to invest wisely, and that can only mean speaking to the team at Unimac, one of the UK's leading suppliers of spill pallets and spill management products. Whatever your requirements for your workplace, you will get the very best advice and of course superb quality products.

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