Managed Service Provider Chicago: The Benefits of Managed IT Services

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Published: 05th December 2016
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Third party IT solutions can be implemented on different models. The hosted model, managed model, and hybrid model are the most popular. In a hosted model, a third party owns and maintains the solutions, and charges the customer a flat monthly fee. In a managed model, the customer owns the solutions and has the party maintain them. A hybrid model can be a combination of these two models, featuring a collection of both hosted and managed solutions.

Hosted and managed infotech solutions are popular with small businesses that don't have IT departments, and thus need the assistance of an experienced third party. In some cases, implementing solutions on a hosted model makes the most sense, while using a managed model is the best option in other situations. Below, we take a look at benefits companies in the Windy City receive when they use managed solutions from an IT managed service provider in Chicago.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Because a third party maintains the solutions the customer receives, the latter often experiences a reduction in hardware and software maintenance costs. Instead of paying fluctuating costs to maintain its own in house resources, the customer pays a flat monthly fee for maintenance. This allows companies to better plan for infotech expenses throughout the course of the contract.

Improved Network Security

Most IT networks are comprised of various software and hardware resources. When a company pays a third party to maintain a resource, the resources' security is often more advanced than it would be if it were deployed in house. Data is the most valuable asset most businesses possess. In terms of data security, outsourcing maintenance for the whole network maybe a good option.

24/7 Network Monitoring

Companies in the Windy City whose business objectives are predicated on the effectiveness of infotech resources should have an IT service provider in Chicago maintain their network around the clock. This scenario allows most network issues to be resolved remotely with automated maintenance tools, and helps prevent issues from lingering into the next day of business.

Improved Network Scalability

Having an experienced third party maintain infotech resources allows companies to make the IT network more scalable. Instead of paying onsite staff to maintain the resources, a company pays a flat monthly fee that essentially allows it to be more flexible with the IT budget.
Money that would go toward paying technicians and administrators can be used to scale up the network.


Receiving IT solutions from an IT managed service provider in Chicago has at least four benefits for small and midsize companies: reduced maintenance costs, improved network security, 24/7 network monitoring, and improved network scalability. If your company needs assistance deciding whether an infotech resource should be implemented on a hosted, managed, or hybrid model, schedule a free consultation with an experienced infotech consultant.

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