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Published: 08th May 2020
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Traditional ways of advertising require marketers to shell out loads of money and in return the promises are a bare minimum. The big names like Reliance and Tata, that previously relied exclusively on traditional ways of advertising their brand, products, services and offerings are now open to considering alternatives. Wondering, what led to this change? Well, the answer to this is extremely simple.

Think of India ten years down the line, when the mobile phones and smart gadgets were just beginning to invade our lives, now jump to present day when everything is! So, how can the advertising ways be so old fashioned. The consumer is going digital leaving the advertiser with no choice but to go digital, say the experts at SRV Media, leading SEO company in Pune.

Now, letís take a few recent controversies and understand the impact of digital advertising. When Maggi was banned in India, Nestleís response on digital media came very late. In fact, the response was disappointing. First things first, when the news was being splashed across channels, Nestle chose to stay mum. This was their first and biggest mistake.

Experts at SRV Media say that in the wake of a controversy, it is the primary responsibility of the brand to come upfront and clarify its stand to its customers. Choosing to stay behind the curtains in such situations actually fuels speculation and affects the overall customer loyalty. Even in case of Nestle with makers of Maggi not responding to the crisis instantly, it spread like wildfire. There was no other side of the story to contradict the claims for quite some time.

By the time Maggi woke up to the crisis, the brand name had been damaged and the once popular noodles that were found on the kitchen shelves of every Indian household were now making their way towards the dustbin. Basically, Maggi woke up to a disaster though it is clearing the mess now, the damage has been done.

Brands amidst such crisis should use the digital medium to their advantage. Talk to your consumers and engage them, this will help you avert the negative sentiment to quite an extent. Digital medium is all about being instant. If you are there, you need to let the world know that you exist else it will not make a difference.

Another important thing to keep in mind when handling digital medium advertising is to be responsive to your consumers. Remember that at the end of the day, it is all about interaction. Each time they raise a query, you must be there to respond to it. In case of any lack luster attitude, you will pay a heavy fine in the form of losing brand loyalty.
This clearly proves that digital is the next step of growth that can help the brands go to the next level and reap richer profits. All this is possible only if the brand chooses to invest in a reliable strategy.

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