Most Costly Celebrity Wedding Rings

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Published: 06th February 2017
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It is a serious business when it comes to relationship. No matter if you are a working woman or a simple school teacher or some well-known celebrity, every woman takes it very seriously when the time comes to get married. The event like marriage is very important for every woman and it’s the wedding ring which is most important more than the event. Here are the most expensive celebrity wedding rings you can see in this article that they spend a fortune just for a small rock and metal.


Celebrity wedding rings of Beyoncé are the most expensive of all celebrities. Extravagant luxurious and gorgeous precious jewels spent by the husband Jay Z to spoil his wife. Jay Z spends $ 5,000,000 for the ring given to Beyoncé. The 18-carat diamonds adorn 20 carat pure white gold ring.

Paris Hilton

Renowned for her expensive taste, Paris Hilton is a controversial spoiled rich girl rather than famous celeb. Hilton wears one of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings given by her boyfriend Latsis, when they get married. The 24 carat diamond garnished in the middle of the pure white gold ring that cost $4,700,000. Nobody would miss to see the ring on Hilton’s finger due to the size of the diamond.

Melania Knauss

The ring of the third wife of Donald trump Melania Knauss is the most expensive celebrity wedding rings. Mr. Trump gave the ring that is made of the most valuable and clearest and precious diamonds to his new bride. He spent $2,000,000 for the price of the ring given as an expression of love to his third wife.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was given a ring that cost $2,000,000 by her former husband Kris Humphries. It lasted only for 75 days for marriage between the two as the sad part and Kim did not give back the celebrity wedding rings to Kris after the divorce.

Jacqueline Kennedy

One of the most expensive celebrity wedding rings is the ring given to the love of his life Jacqueline Kennedy by former president of US. The ring that worth $1,500,000 is made of pure gold with diamonds flattering the complete ring square cut circling 21 carat emerald encrust in the middle.

Jennifer Lopez

The ring of Jennifer Lopez given by Ben Affleck to her is one of the most expensive celebrity wedding rings. Ben Affleck spent $1,200,000 for the ring he gave to his beloved wife.

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