Most paid jobs in construction

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Construction industry is really a large one and if you are going to assume that all jobs in construction are manual and low paid ones, you will be mistaken. While there is a lot of misconception about the construction industry, in general, the fact is that there are some extremely lucrative positions and jobs that are essential for each and every construction project. Most of them also involve a bachelor's degree in a related field.

One of the best paid jobs in construction is at the moment the position of a cost estimator. This is a great example of the non-manual labor, blue collar job in the construction industry. While a cost estimator can every now and then drop by to the construction site, it's a rare occasion that is not in the job description. What is in the job description, on the other hand is high-level and minuscule decisions of budgeting whit the help of various budgeting software's that will come up with an estimates of the construction project price. The job of a cost estimator can be a general one (so the cost estimator is in charge of the entire project from start to finish) or it can be a specific one like calculating the cost of plumbing installations etc.

Average Salary: $62,675

Another one of that well pad, white collar jobs in construction is the job of a construction manager. The job title is very descriptive of the job responsibilities as they include a lot of planning and budgeting a construction project as the name suggest. There are also a bit more hands-on elements than in the job of the cost estimator as most construction mangers do spend their time on the construction sites as well. Managers are required to be not only quick on their feet but also great communicators and analytical skills required for troubleshooting so the job does involve quite a bit of stress as well. On the other hand as we have explained it is one of the best paid jobs in construction so that makes up for the extra stress load.

Average Salary: $93,960

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