Multi-coloured Rubber Stamps

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Published: 26th June 2015
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It has long been known that rubber stamps are an indispensable article of trade in a wide array of organisations and business. Stamps have come along way in recent years and are now obtainable in an assortment of different guises, whether it is a date stamp, clothing marker, DIY, self inking or pre inked being made developed in numerous different sizes, shapes, text and illustrated. That was the limit though, if a corporate logo was to be incorporated into a rubber stamp it would have to be designed and built in to a single coloured stamp. This would obviously be OK if a company has a one coloured logo, or is happy to have any accompanying text that needs to stand out against a larger logo picture, this all means that many stamps could have an unprofessional appearance aesthetically regardless of the quality of the impression that is created. But it is now a reality and completely possible to buy and create a fully customised multi coloured rubber stamp impression. So unlike the industry standard self inking stamps that only allow for single coloured stamps Trodat have developed a multi coloured stamp that allows users to stamp in several different colours at once, available in all of their stockists coming in both of the Professional and Printy ranges. Both ranges allow up to a maximum of 16 different ink colours to be included in a stamp.

Curious to know how it all works? Well it is all relatively simple. A normal self inking stamp, similarly to a multi coloured stamp contains just a single ink pad- the ink pad has only one colour on the pad. These pads can be changed with a minimum of the fuss, however only one colour can be used a time and it is definitely not possible to segment different sections of the impression a whole impression and one colour has to be made each impression of the stamp. This is where Trodats Multi coloured differentiate from the traditional self inking stamps. The new innovative multi coloured rubber stamps are designed and produced using an incredibly high tech newly developed process that is carried out by a special laser cutting device, which was created by Trodatís sister company Trotec and is now patterned. The laser cutting device allows for individual fragments of the ink pad to have different colours designated to them. This process uses amazing lased technology to control the cutting of both the rubber and also stamp, each colour only needs to be separated by a 1mm gap. The creative possibilities are almost entirely endless.

All of the designs are stored on a cloud system, meaning when an ink pad has run its course a new impression ink pad and text plate can be reproduced almost immediately- each pad will last approximately 10,000 impressions.

A multi coloured stamp can with no trouble empathize a logo, aid in helping text standout against a larger background whether that be a company name, telephone number. Or perhaps even incorporating a companiesí colour scheme in to a stamp. The multi coloured stamps are a unique and innovative solution to more traditional styles of stamps. This is some of the many reasons as to why they have recognised and rewarded in a professional sense and awarded with several high profile industry related awards for the multi coloured stamp these include: PBS; Multicoloured Stamp, GiftExpo Award; for Innovation, Modernity, and User-Friendliness as well as these they also received the ISPA Award for Special Innovation. It is for all these reasons and so many more that a multi coloured stamp. There are currently several stockists that offer these stamps we have found that the company to offer the most competitive prices for these multi coloured rubber stamps is through Stamp R US. Stamps R US are one Trodats official listed stockists companies and offer the full range of Trodat products

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