Must Know Facts on How To Hire Android Developer

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Published: 28th November 2016
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If you run a business, and have online presence, you must have got several calls from different software development companies offering software. But, what if you want and need to hire Android developer? Will you wait for a call? Or ask your friends? Here we have something for you to help you utilize your money best and get the most useful outcome. Go through the article.

Why do you need the app?

Never invest in something that doesn't have enough reason - an important rule of business. So, if you have planned to develop an app just because your competitors have, or your friend has suggested, it might end draining a big amount from your profit.

Any mobile app is basically designed to provide customers an easy and convenient way to reach your business; or just to keep them involved. A website is more convenient than a physical store; and app is even more convenient and attractive. So, if you develop an app, surely it'll increase the chances that your customer will visit your store more frequently.

Why Android?

There are several other OS platforms as well in the mobile market, but, Android is the most popular and simply you'll get maximum output of your investment. If you hire android developer, you don't have to invest a lot as getting an android developer is cheaper and easier than an iOS developer or some other.

How To Search?

There are thousands of websites offering Android development at low cost. But, don't concentrate on the cost at first. Check their website; especially their profile. Check the android apps they have already developed and approved by the Google play store. Apart from the look and feel, check the UI, functionality, performance and other matters as well. I often ask people not to ignore the customer feedback and rating; though it doesn't give you a strong reason to reject or hire android developer.

Conduct an Interview

You might have noticed that hardly any iPhone app stutters but android. It's because it has become cheap and every next developer has some apps in his profile approved by Google play store. In fact, the quality has really dropped. So, to stay away from these so called Developers, you must have to scratch up their knowledge and check if really they have the talent. Ask them few questions before you hire android developer:

How they feel they are the best to develop this app? It'll show up their understanding about the app and their confidence in developing it successfully.

What is the most challenging part they think in developing the app for them? Without in depth knowledge in the technical matters of the development process of the app, it's not possible to provide a genuine answer. It's a very important question while you prepare to hire android developer.

How they can help you decreasing the cost, while enhancing the efficiency? It's basically one type of suggestion for a customer. Any reputed and customer oriented company welcomes this question and offers you something valuable.

How they will help your app get promoted? When you hire android developer, it's their responsibility to guide you to list the app in the Google app store and other popular Android stores. You can also promote and offer the app through your official website.

Though depending upon the situation, the system may vary. But, in most of the cases, it remains almost same and this article can be helpful every time you hire android developer. All the best!

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The author of this article is an experienced Android app developer who has worked with several reputed mobile app vendors with great success story. He likes to write for the internet in his leisure.

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