My Hottest Tips to Get the Best Grand Canyon Helicopter Flights

Published: 24th July 2015
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Seeking the best Grand Canyon chopper trip? Then you'll benefit from my top tips. Inside this short article, I discuss what you must do to get the best National Park chopper tours in the world. Get more information. Look at this article.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most impressive landscapes out there. At 277 miles long, a mile deep and as much as 18 miles wide in places, its sheer size means there's a huge amount to see. It's simply impossible to see even a sizable fraction of all its magnificence from the ground. That's why savvy travelers take Grand Canyon air tours.

Las Vegas

If your tour will be departing from Las Vegas, make sure you opt for a package that includes free hotel pickup and drop-off service, either by shuttle or a limo. Your trip will be a lot more pleasant and convenient when you don't have to worry about transportation. You can upgrade certain tour packages and get a lot of extras.

Grand Canyon choppers are one of the best ways to see the Park if you're short on time. With air tours, you won't be spending several precious hours just driving and waiting in line.

Some West Rim Grand Canyon helicopters land on the canyon floor, where you can dine on a champagne lunch! The fabulous Grand Canyon Skywalk is also at the West Rim. You have to see this to believe it - it's a horseshoe-shaped transparent glass bridge that lets you stroll 70 feet out past the canyon's edge. At its apex you'll be standing 4,000 feet directly over the canyon bottom!

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Skywalk visitors aren't permitted to carry cell phones or cameras with them. They put this rule in place to protect the glass of the structure from being damaged if something's dropped. You won't be able to take your own photos at the Skywalk, but don't fret because a shop sells some terrific pictures.

You'll see Lake Mead and Hoover Dam during your flight to the canyon. These are two of the most spectacular man-made wonders in North America. Most helicopters fly over an ancient volcano that used to dominate the Mojave Desert in times gone past! Plus, if you take one of the Grand Canyon helicopters that fly out of Sin City, you'll also get to see the fantastic Vegas skyline.

Sunset tours are available, and they give you a truly fabulous experience. Besides seeing the canyon bathed in beautiful vibrant colors, you'll get nighttime aerial views of Vegas as you're returning from the Park. That alone is a sight you won't forget for a very long time!


It took many millions of years for the Colorado River to carve the Grand Canyon out of the rock of the Kaibab Plateau. With so many natural wonders all located so close together, the Grand Canyon is a special and very rare place. Helicopter tours are an exhilarating, exciting way to see it. You certainly won't be disappointed if you decide to book one!


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