My Professional Review of Mira Hair Oil Treatment

Published: 20th November 2009
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My name is Olivia and I own my own hair salon In Ottawa Canada and what I have to say about Mira hair oil is true based on my experience and my clients.

I have been using Mira hair oil on my clients for months now and the results have been amazing to say the least!

I use the word amazing because of not what I have witnessed but also what my clients have said to me

Please note I am not saying this because I get incentives, in fact there is no way of getting this oil through supply channels. You can only get it at their website.

Mira hair oil is not supplied locally nor delivered through a supplier. Hair dressers usually have their supplies delivered by a supplier or distribution shop such as Sally's or Cosmoprof but you will not find Mira hair oil in these stores

Mira hair oil came to my attention from a client of mine who raved about it and being a professional I had to test it out myself
So I first tested it out on myself! On the very first application my bleached hair took on life, it went from being dry and crunchy to silky, soft and smooth. And the results only got better because within a week I felt a difference in thickness and length. I say felt because I did not measure it, by week four my hair took on the youthful look and feel I once had as a teenager. I was convinced of its effectiveness as a healthy hair growth oil

I wanted more proof so I tested it out on my clients by offering it as a paid scalp and hair treatment with a scalp massage. In other words I tried it with actual paying clients; on clients who had hair issued like hair fall and damaged hair and the results were consistent with mine.

For instance, one of my client's hair is damaged as she gets lot of color dye, bleaching and straighten done to it and I told her to use a little Mira hair oil after any dye or color treatment. The results were also good in just a few short treatments her dry brittle "hay like hair" immediately got its softness and elasticity back, she was amazed at the results


As a hair stylist I know how damaging the effects of bleaching your hair can be I mean it literally damages and breaks down the structure of your hair so it is very hard to get that soft healthy look back again unless you grow your hair out. And that is what this oil seems to do as well-grow your hair out fast!

Another client I have comes in for a scalp massage with Mira hair oil and she is hooked on the oil as well, she simply loves the way it breathes life into her hair- and this client of mine comes in weekly for a treatment with Mira hair oil on her own accord and suggestion without me promoting it or pushing it

Another client has thinning hair in the front of her head and thick hair at the back and with regular use of the oil she is growing back thicker and healthier hair. So yes I am saying from my clients experience that this oil does regrow hair and will stop hair falling!

She pays me $60 for a Mira hair oil treatment with a short scalp massage. I tell you all this because I want you to know I tested it for real with no incentive for profit from the company- in fact I bought the oil from the website at $69.99 a bottle!


I write this because frankly I have been in the business for years and I have sampled everything from the big companies and I still use their products , but in my years of styling and taking care of hair I have come across very few products that live up to their claims. And what is even better is that this oil is hundred percent natural, which means it will not clog your hair follicles or poison your blood

I have tried all the leave in treatments out there and nothing works like Mira hair oil-it seems to do it all for your hair

I don't know why this oil is special, is it the way it is made? The quality of ingredients? I really don't know. All I know is well it is giving my clients beautiful stronger and thicker hair. It seems to repair damaged hair and it seems to breathe life, volume and silkiness into hair

And I love it because of its multiple uses, it has no color and no smell and well works not only to stop hair loss and grow hair but also to; stop frizz, remove dry coarse hair, adds shine and silk to your hair and makes your hair naturally moist

I would recommend this oil to anybody who wants lovely hair, there is quite nothing like it out there-and you have to try it to believe it!
I am writing this for the reason that I feel that a good product should be announced, as humans we rarely spread good news and because of the joy it has brought to my clients and this to me, I believe this oil should get the press it deserves
To the guys at Mira herbals -keep up the good work and don't change a thing with the oil, you have it perfect and it should remain so.

If you want your kids to have healthy hair for the rest of their lives let them use this oil
If you want to avoid any sort of future or present hair issues use this oil at least twice a week for life-you will always have youth beautiful hair

In my opinion if you are suffering from hair fall, use this, if you bleach your hair and it is damaged use this oil and if you have frizzy puffy hair, use this oil!

In point if you want flawless healthy hair you will be a fool not to use it!

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odellbland on September 7, 2011 said:
Mira Hair Oil - It really Worked!
ilovehair on September 7, 2011 said:
I got the best results when I applied it and left it on overnight. Apply on your head normally or however you feel comfortable. You apply about half a teaspoon or more and then massage the oil onto the scalp using the tips of your fingers. Move in a circular fashion from the back of the head to the tops When done allow it sit for a minimum of thirty minutes and then wash it out. Apply on dry hair and scalp only
Sammie Potter on September 9, 2011 said:
As someone with dry hair, this article seemed to give me the solution I needed. I have been dying and bleaching my hair for many years, as well as doing a lot of swimming which seems to have dried out my hair a great deal and it was beginning to fal out and becone thinnie. I used this oil and the results really were great as the article states.I started using it regularly and also left it on over night. this resulted in my hair not only feeling a lot more healthy but also looking a whole lot better. People commented on its shine. This oil really is like a miracle cure to unhealthy hair.

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