Natural Acne Treatment Methods for Complete Cure

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Published: 20th November 2016
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Acne treatment is not always successful because most of the treatments available for acne are for its symptoms and not for the elimination of the root cause of the disease. Conventional treatments are not very helpful in the elimination of acne completely. A natural acne treatment method considering all factors of the body should be taken in to account to deal with it successfully. This method is called holistic approach.

This treatment method is for the complete cure of your body's irregularities. A simple treatment for the symptoms only will not give effective results. The reason for the formation acne includes skin type and hormone changes. There are some other reasons also such as stress and age factor. So to fight against all these, some drugs or some creams will not be sufficient.

Holistic approach is a natural acne treatment method. In this treatment patient's whole body and mind will be taken into account, rather than just treating a part of the body that is ill. Main aspects of this treatment are as follows:


Most of the available acne treatments cure the external symptoms only and the result is that acne will appear again sometime after some time. By the adoption of a complete treatment method acne can be cured completely within one or two months. But you have to participate with treatment procedure wholeheartedly for its success. The result of the treatment is based on your mental attitude also.


Acne is formed mainly by the toxins that are produced in the body. Food is the main supplier of these toxins. So you have to understand what the foods are good for you to eat and what foods are to be avoided. During the treatment period or after that also (that depends on your body's nature) you should avoid certain foods and also you have to eat certain items compulsorily as a part of the treatment. So the success in the treatment also depends on the dietary control you are taking in this period.


When you are prepared to take the holistic treatment, you also have to continue the external treatment for the acne by using natural products. You should completely avoid drugs and creams that have chemical ingredients. Using natural products like coconut oil, sandalwood oil, papaya and aloe vera will speed up the curing process. In addition to these, mixtures of Rosewater +Lime Juice and Cinnamon Powder + Honey are also used for the treatment. For the elimination of acne scars also these natural products are very useful.

Though acne is attacking almost all types of people, the intensity of the disease varies. This is because of the difference in the skin types, heredity and age. So you are the better person to analyze the intensity of your disease. This knowledge will prepare you to participate with this holistic treatment method. Without the wholehearted co-operation from your end, the treatment will not be successful.

Some people will get the result the within a few weeks and in other cases the treatment should be continued to a longer period till you get the desired result. Since the treatment is to eliminate the root cause of the disease, the success will give more than enough satisfaction, even if you have to continue the treatment for a considerable period.

It is better if you have to start holistic treatment in the beginning itself. But in most cases, by taking others advice many people are using the over the counter the medicine in the beginning. Acne will subside for some time by the use of these medicines, but it will appear again with more strength. So find out more about this acne natural treatment method and use it for your own good.

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