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Published: 17th May 2020
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Basketball has been popular for a very long period of time, as it allows folks a way to have fun and compete at the same time. If you want to become a great basketball player, you need to practice and take the game seriously. Go over this article to improve your knowledge to help further your understanding of the game.

Practice hitting your free throws. There are usually a lot of distractions when you are shooting free throws so you need to concentrate. Use good technique when shooting foul shots. Hold the ball level with your face. Focus on the ball and visualize it going toward the goal. Next, shoot with just the trajectory you saw.

Better your basketball skills by watching the pros play. Watch some games on TV, view videos of professional games, and go to some games. You will notice great skills from different players that you can practice.

Watching the pros can help you pick up on certain skills for improving your game. Watch as many games on TV as you can. You will see that each great player has certain skills that make him great and you can practice what you see him doing.

Be sure to watch professional games to learn some great tips and tricks to improve your game. Go to a bunch of professional games in person, watch them on television, or just get online to search for basketball videos. Watch great players to learn the specific skills that make them exceptional.

If you want to take jump shots, don't build your arms up too large. Muscle strength is great for any position in basketball, you can have too much when it comes to perimeter play. Some professionals develop their muscles so much that they are actually having a hard time with shooting.

Figuring out the opponent is a great way to do well against a tight defense. Study video tape on your opponent and read over any scouting reports. Know the dominant hand of every player. Once you understand the opposition, you will now how to mount your defense. When you are prepared, you play better defense.

To get better at shooting free throws, make sure to keep a consistent pre-shot routine. This could mean two dribbles before taking your free throw, bending your knees, or some other thing you do to get into a rhythm before shooting. As long as this is a quick set of movements and it's consistent, you won't have any trouble having your body memorize what you're doing.

You need good vision if you are going to play basketball. This will prepare you for unexpected passes and help you evade defenders. You want to be sure that your peripheral vision is at its best. Tunnel vision makes it difficult to play effectively, so try to view the entire court and all players.

Being a good defensive player means disrupting the game of your opponent. Make them uncomfortable. Stay aggressive. Never let them control the game plays. If you do, your opponent will run all over you. It's important, then, to be aggressive and mess up their game rhythms.

To improve your dribbling skills, practice dribbling with your weaker hand. Being ambidextrous on the court makes it more difficult for defenders to figure out what you will do next. Tie your strong hand to the rear of your back to ensure you only use your weaker hand. Before you know it, your weak hand will become strong.

If you want a 2-3 zone to be turned into a machine that traps, your two defenders that are guarding should wait until your point guard is around ten feet past mid court. They can then run toward the point guard to trap him. While this is happening, your forwards must sprint toward players in the wings. By doing this, you increase the chances for your big men to steal the pass from the point guard.

Never break your defensive stance as this will assure you are in your proper position for defense. Slide your feet to and fro or use your opposing foot to push off to maintain your position. Keep your feet from crossing to make it hard for your opponent to get by you.

This article will help you with your basketball skills, even if you play every day. Start using a tip and see how much better your game gets. You can make every shot count, pass better, rebound like a pro and overall improve how you play every day.

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