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Published: 06th February 2017
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Basketball represents a classic game loved by folks across the globe. Basketball players have a particular set of skills needed to win. If you are looking to improve your game skills, the keep reading.

It's natural to be drawn towards offense as a novice, but the pros know defense is where the game is won or lost. Defense is essential to winning these games. Offense receives all the glory, but it is nothing without the best defense.

It is vital that you learn to crossover the basketball while dribbling. In a crossover, you transfer the basketball from hand to hand. Crossovers must be done quickly to keep defenders at bay. Once you master the art of the crossover dribble, you will be able to change directions quicker.

Make better passes through the use of coordinated hand signals. It can be frustrating making a pass when a player moves away towards the basket. Hand signals help ensure that the player is ready to take the ball. If the player does not flash the signal, then the player can avoid an errant pass.

Proper balance is essential when shooting. Sometimes you'll see professional players fall out of bounds while making a shot from afar, but this doesn't work at all times. These players are using creative improvisation. Keep your balance so you can consistently win points.

A bounce pass is essential to learn. It needs to get to the player at their waist. The ideal bounce pass should land about 3/4 of the way between you and the receiver. It does depend on a variety of other factors, however.

You need to be quick to play good basketball. Gaining agility and speed will give you the upper hand when playing a game of basketball. In order to play fast, you must practice drills. However, don't try to be faster than you're physically able to be. You will not be able to control your moves if you play faster than you are able to.

Your routines must be consistent for free throws. Inconsistency does not make a better shot. A great way to get better at free throws is to practice, practice and then practice the same routine some more. If your free throw routine is out of whack, you will miss.

To get better at shooting free throws, make sure to keep a consistent pre-shot routine. Perhaps you will dribble twice, follow up by bending your knees, pulling your earlobe or performing some other ritualistic action for good luck. Just remember it has to be fast and consistent. The reason is, this routine will put your body on alert that the next thing coming is a free throw. This will help insure your success.

To trap someone in a 2-3 zone, get your guards to wait for the point guard to get about 10 feet past midcourt. At that point, both guards should move in for the trap. With the forwards blocking outside, you have a good shot at intercepting a bad pass. The guard on point should make a pass that can easily be stolen by the forwards.

Keep low when you play defense. You will become faster and react faster. Always stay in the proper stance on defense. When you block a shot, go back to a defensive form quickly.

When dribbling you want to keep your knees bent. You will have a hard time controlling the ball if you always stand straight and opponents will be able to steal the ball. Slightly bending your knees improves ball control significantly.

If you want to make a 2-3 zone into something special, have the guards remain put until the opposing team's guard makes their way about ten feet in from mid-court. The guards must then rush the opposing team's point guard and create a trap. Your forwards can sprint to block the player on both sides. The point guard should throw up a pass that your forwards can easily steal.

Now that you learned a great deal about basketball, you should take your game to another level. Set and follow through on goals to become more skilled. Using these tips, you will see you game skills improve with each game.

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