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Published: 06th February 2017
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psychic readingsThere have been many individuals and businesses that have profited during economical downturns. This also includes selling and buying property. So you may wonder, "What is it? Is success possible during economic downturns?"

Regardless of the general economy, if you are on a cycle of financial and/or status expansion, it will happen, regardless of the economy. The same is applicable if you are in a state of contraction. In fact, if you think about it carefully, you can analyze the past and you will realize that you have known individuals that had financial contraction when the economy was booming.

Individuals that have received pink slips may wonder how the above is applicable. I've had clients that have received a pink slip in the morning and by the next day they already had a new job. The reason they were able to find another job just as fast is a combination of a few things. The most important one is the energy one is born with. Astrologically, the planet Jupiter is very protective. Where you have it in your natal chart along with the aspects it makes is where you have protective influences. Some may be born with financial protection, but another area of their life is vulnerable. Everyone has protective energy in one area in their life.

Next, in a reading, the need to blend upcoming cycles for any time frame in connection to the natal energy will give insight to the specific time frame and the safety in changing jobs, starting a business, moving, getting married, making a major purchase, etc..

Surely, a company may state that due to economic reasons they had lay off X number of employees. But the aftermath of each individual impacted is unique because everyone's destiny and upcoming cycles are different.

There are industries that are subjected to public funding. A client that is a social worker has had plenty of employment volatility in her career. Yet she always comes out ahead and is able to stay above it because she has protective energy in her career sector. In fact, she used that energy towards her advantage by creating a small side business that gives her secondary income.

I hope this is clear and uplifts the morbidity played out in the media. The purpose of the media is to sell. One cannot live through the news. The news may be helpful for describing the general mood, but in no way does it describe what will happen to you and when change will enter or what you can do with that change. Only a reading can do that.

psychic readings

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