Netgear technical support can help you installing the device

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Many times a user came to experience a common problem after purchasing software or a device. Though every software or the device we want to use comes with a user manual with complete installation guide still there is high possibility that they may get stuck in middle of the process. Considering the same, we here in this article will guide you to the complete procedure involves in Netgear installation.

Anyone who is in the habit of using internet for different purpose must have thought someday to use a routing device for a convenient experience. And with the presence of different vendors out there in the market, selecting a device has been an easy process for them. Now what has been the reason for such a craze among its users? Well in an engaging routine humans are in search of a mode which can make each and every daily work easy and comfortable.

A router is a similar kind of device which allows its user to share resources conveniently without facing common troubles faced in wired connectivity. Today the device is generally used in home and at work place for having reliable internet connectivity. It may sounds for an individual one just has to purchase the device and from that particular moment they can enjoy an uninterrupted internet facility. Somehow it is truth even, but there are also possibilities when a user can face trouble like Netgear router no internet access, no visible device, slow performance or not responding at all.

With the help of this article we here will discuss one of the common problems i.e. how to easily install Netgear router without facing any technical errors.

The installation procedure may vary from device to device one can install it by using Genie user interface or another option is from Smart wizard interface. Given below steps are based on Smart wizard interface.

1) Turn on the routing device and connect the LAN wire coming from your ISP modem to WAN port.
2) Open a browser of your choice and then type in the router IP address
a. Use any of the given below links
b. or
3) Login window will appear in front of you. Here type in the default username and password. An important point to remember here is the keywords are case sensitive.
4) On the setup wizard page select yes and click on Next button. ( the router will detect default Dynamic IP from your ISP provider)
5) On the next page the credentials will be auto-filled for you, don't change unless your ISP gave you any specific DNS information.
6) Next step is either you're able to connect to internet connection or not,Netgear router not working for this click on maintenance and then check the IP address. (If it's not blank then it shows your system is connected to internet)

IN case user having trouble with any of the above mentioned steps they can contact Netgear router technical support unit for ultimate assistance. The experts working under their roof brings with them years of experience which have helped them to come with different easy to follow methods. Thus if you feel like you're not comfortable with the above mentioned method you can call them and ask for any other methods.

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