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Published: 06th February 2017
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All of us know that YouTube is a great online resource of various videos that will be of interest to various categories of internet users. Within this network, anyone will find something that they will like, since there is a great variety of different music videos, movies, cartoons, educative videos and even audio books. With this being said, it is a great idea to create an account in YouTube and make up several playlists of the videos that will be of interest. Among all undisputable benefits of using this video platform, there is a very unfortunate feature. Sometimes the videos get removed from the online access by the video owners, and after that they disappear from access of everyone who have added these videos to their favorites, ‘watch later' or their custom playlists.
Ninja Loader is a software tool which is developed specifically for those, who want to make sure that they will have a chance to watch their favorite videos regardless of their availability in YouTube and even regardless of the internet access. Ninja Loader offers the option of downloading any YouTube video into any personal computer or laptop in MP4 format or any other format of the users' choice. With this being said, Ninja Loader makes the favorite YouTube videos available to their fans anytime regardless of any adequate factor.
Besides, recently there has been released an option which allows to monitor the process of the multiple downloads, which is a great thing to have in case if the users want Ninja Loader to let them know exactly how much time each download will take them to have the videos downloaded to their hard drive. Plus, now each user can choose the exact resolution they are willing to get their videos in. This Ninja Loader function provides custom approach to each and every video playing device and allows to chose the specs that will suit the specific device the user is playing to watch the video on. This feature is not only good to provide the best quality of the video that one is planning to watch, but also assures the economy of the hard drive space.
For the people who tend to use YouTube to listen to music or audio books, there is now an option which allows to extract the audio portion only of the video that is mentioned. Then there is an option that allows to download the audio track only in MP3 format. This is a very convenient function that allows to easily get the audios for the further access to them through the audio playing devices, and regardless of the internet access.
Overall, Ninja Loader is a great free software that allows the users to easily get any YouTube video downloaded locally to the hard drive of their laptop or PC. Ninja Loader installer can be easily downloaded on the official web site, and the installation takes a couple of minutes.

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