Now drones to track, search and find your pets

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Some people may not understand the intense bond and depth feeling for our pets, considering them a beloved member of the family. We may feel devastated and stressed when our pets go missing. Despite of our big effort in keeping them save and sound nearby us, it is possible they get lost or stolen in the worst case. One of three pets will become lost at some point during their life.
A new scientific study of pet owners published recently reveals some interesting statistics about pet owners and pets that get lost. The study gathered data about the frequency of pets getting lost from their homes, what percentages of pets were recovered and perhaps most importantly, it is about what methods owners used most often to successfully find a lost dog or cat. The statistics indicate that missing pets rarely make it home.
Petrack is the latest technology which utilize 5 modes tracking in one device, not only for tracking but monitoring your pets from the comfort of your bed or while you are away from home. Consist of a collar-mounted tag with GPS and cellular radios, using Bluetooth technology, Nano-Drones monitoring and fourth generation devices.

To start with a brief introduction of the Petrack features, following the instructions, the setup process and device management, are simple and easy.
The waterproof collar, adjustable and made with a completely flexible material with a reflective line that makes it able to see where they are, even in the dark, preventing from any accident at night, has a GPS device attached to it, which allows you to know the location of the pet through cell phone network. The device is able to send a notification if the pet goes out of selected range or leaving the “home zone”, it also allows you to click to locate your pet’s whereabouts any time.
An application “Artemisa” supporting Androids and iOS, is available for users for monitoring where their pets go, including a social red media, sharing and keeping updates of the missing pet between the users.
Petrack also includes a micro camera that sends images of the environment around to know more about the state of our friend.

Exposing these features seems we are just talking about another simple pet tracker, but, what makes it different and special? Cell phone signals can’t usually reach some places, which can interfere with the monitoring or tracking process with the GPS or Bluetooth but not with the innovative Petrack-Droid system that will help in the search using pre-programmed search patterns allowing to access location information of your pet by manipulating your own drone.
To achieve all these features, comfort, adaptability and maximum technology, requires knowledge and a lot of work. Petrack has been created not only by professionals but also by animal lovers.
If you would like to back this project, head on over to the Indiegogo campaign. Your support and encouragement, success can be posible, or you can visit

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