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Published: 08th April 2015
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The importance of nursing in the medical fraternity cannot be overlooked. It is from this recognition that I am submitting this application to pursue nursing program in Pace University in White Plains, New York. Owing to stiff competition in the medical field and ever increasing demands for highly trained nurses and quality services, I am convinced that the only way to keep in line with these dynamic trends is to pursue Family Nurse Practitioner Program to upgrade my expertise and professional abilities.

I am a holder of a nursing degree. I attained a GPA of 2.7 in my undergraduate studies. Despite the fact that my undergraduate GPA is not that strong, I have a strong will and determination to pursue my masters nursing program. The overwhelming experience I have from nursing field coupled with great desire and passion to pursue further studies will be the driving force in pursuing my master's program. I chose Pace University in White Plains, New York because of its multicultural back ground and quality nursing program that prepares graduate to deliver culturally competent primary health care to patients within the framework of family and community.

My inspirational nursing journey began in an oncology unit, which was a truly humbling experience. Though I had encountered patients from all walks of life, only one patient helped shape my nursing practice. On one busy night, I received a report from the ER nursing staff that I was to receive a patient with an admitting diagnosis of new onset abdominal pain, active rectal bleeds and a CT scan remarkable of an abdominal mass. He was to be escorted by the security and was to be under 1:1 staff observation due to irate behavior in the ER. Upon arrival, he was angry, combative and screaming in an occasional audible word, "Armenian". As we made eye contact, I saw fear and confusion in his eyes. In an attempt to save the situation, I quickly grabbed my cell phone to use an interpreter service application I had downloaded a few months ago. When the Armenian interpreter began to speak, he suddenly became calm and tears fell from his eyes. I quickly realized that the problem was not my ailing irate patient but the failure to be conscious of a growing diverse patient population in our health care system. The following morning, I confided in my nurse manager in regards to means of mediating this program. By the end of the month, the hospital began reinforcing the use of an interpreter phone.

It was amazing how this simple concept helped solve many problems. Currently, I am a registered nurse working at the Columbia Medical Centre in New York City and have had a privilege of working alongside highly qualified and leading doctors and this have greatly motivated me to pursue further studies.

My short term goals is to obtain nursing practitioner degree from Pace University in White Plains, obtain certification by the New York state as a family nurse practitioner and to take the national certification exam that will allow me practice in diverse clinical roles and settings. I also intend to continue working as nurse at Columbia Medical Centre in New York City while pursuing my nursing program.

As for my long term goal, I aim to become a well trained and highly qualified nurse in the field of nursing who advocates for profession, a team leader, promote change and general improvement of the world around us. Ultimately, this program will prepare me for a vibrant and vital nursing career that is both personally and financially rewarding

It is clear crystal from the above evidence that I have a strong will and determinations to pursue my nursing master's program in Pace University in White Plains, New York. Indeed this will be a bold step toward ensuring that my career objectives become a reality.

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