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Published: 03rd April 2015
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Planning a perfect Armenian wedding that meets your expectations requires dedication of time and efforts. This is usually the challenge that makes the entire planning process so exhausting and time consuming. If much care is not taken the bride in most occasions gets fatigued even on the actual day of the wedding. Instead of enjoying their day they still continue to worry up to the last minute of how the day will be especially if all the preparations were not completed the previous day.
These are the brides that are too tired even to smile doing photo shoot. What they easily forget is that the gloomy and frowning face will show in the pictures for a life time. To make the situation even worse is the fact you will have do all the explaining whenever a person views your wedding photos. The only simple way that can make this kind of planning headache go away is to request for extra hands. These are the people that you can trust to run around on your behalf as they try to put together the finer details of your wedding.
There are two major parties that you can trust with this the wedding planning responsibility; your friends or the professionals. Every bride has her own reasons for picking either options and the results of the alternative selected also matter.
It is easy to go for friends mainly because you feel that you can trust them since you have probably known them for a long period of time. To add onto this most brides assume that their friends or family know them well in relation to what they want, like, prefer and what she would wish to have on her wedding day. The best part that crowns it all is that they will most likely offer their services for free; and this is the main reason why they are easy to settle for.
The bad news is that those who go for this cheap option have ended up regretting especially at the last minute when the person assigned a specific task fails to do the follow up on a vendor or perhaps fails to deliver as promised. The funny thing is that some of them just overlook the importance of the day to the bride and goes on to relax till the final days only to find out the service provider that the bride wanted is already booked on that wedding day. The only person who ends up with the embarrassment and disappointment is usually the bride since the wedding is hers and more often than not; the entire planning is entrusted to her. Even with the uncountable stories that have been told and written about the predicaments of brides on this issue there are those who still go ahead to commit the same mistake.
No one is against the idea of involving friends, family and relatives in the planning of the wedding. What is required is that caution should be exercised on the tasks, duties and responsibilities assigned to them. All of them have played and will still play a very important role in your life. It is therefore not prudent or wise to keep them from offering their assistance. At the end of the day they will still be your family and you never know when you will need them next.
If you have to fully engage them it is advisable to always monitor, supervise and confirm how far they have gone with their duties. Take immediate action whenever any laxity is noted for you to avoid last minute rush. Brides are usually jittery on the wedding day and if you add this feeling to the news of a failed vendor; your wedding day may not be exciting after all.
Armenian weddings are not easy going for example , but brides to be try to use a good wedding directory to plan their great and amazing big day.

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