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Published: 04th June 2017
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Over the past few years, freelancing jobs in India have gained importance as many professionals leave their full time 9 to 6 jobs to take up freelance opportunities in their field of expertise. This rise in freelance professionals is fueled by businesses due to the growing demand of business outsourcing. Business outsourcing has become a convenient alternative for businesses who want to reduce office expenditures by outsourcing to freelance professionals. Also, due to the convenience provided by technological advancements, businesses are able to find the most suitable candidate for their project from all across the country and also internationally.

Even though freelancing jobs are a fast growing trend in India, there aren’t many platforms that offer professionals a medium to search for interesting project opportunities online. was established to fill this gap and connect freelance professionals and independent project managers to businesses or service providers in need for such professionals. Using, experts from various fields of business can register themselves and apply for numerous freelance work opportunities that are posted by businesses across industries in India. Through FlexiPort users can select a freelance project to work on which is best suited to their skill set and interest. Based on their previous experience and expertise, users will get offers and bids from employers who are looking to outsource their work to independent project managers.

The trend of freelancing is equally lucrative and beneficial to employers as well. For employers, opting to outsource work to freelancers will get them access to a larger pool of skilled employees. They can get competitive rates from such employees and hence, reduce their overall cost of the project. On the other hand, for employees, freelancing gives them the option to choose their own work hours. This way they are able to better manage their time and prioritize their work based on its returns. Since freelance jobs are mostly done online, it gives the employees the freedom to travel and work from anywhere across the country and have flexible work hours. Unlike a full time job, freelancing offers employees to take up multiple projects at the same time. is a one stop business website, an online market place for freelance professionals and businesses alike. It connects professionals from all across India. As freelancing projects and freelance work opportunities have increased over the years, was established in order to provide a platform for freelancers to showcase their skill sets and expertise and apply to project opportunities across the country easily. Freelancing is the latest trend in India and is one of the leading service providers for this category of professional.

Flexigurus have been involved in helping and guiding learners and professionals to find exactly what they’re looking for. When these learners look for online project, flexiport is the website they depend on to provide the best service.

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