Online Food Ordering in NYC- Efficient, Fast and Convenient Way to Satiate Your Appetite

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Published: 18th May 2020
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Day and night, thousands of New Yorkers scour food menus online, and with the click of a few buttons, voila, someone is at your doorstep with your order. The days of picking up the phone and being put on hold are over. This new system to order food online in NYC is gradually changing the lives of New Yorkers. Whether you reside in Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea, Chinatown or Times Square, your food is just a tap away.

Though still far from common practice, online food ordering has gained massive popularity in NYC through mobile portals, brand apps or responsive websites such as In 2013, a survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association revealed that in a month, around 23% of the respondents had ordered food using their phones. A similar survey in 2014 revealed that 32% of the respondents regularly order food online and 4% order through mobile apps. Therefore the forward thinking restaurants and food chains have crossed their four wall boundaries by branching out to digital and online ordering.

The reason behind the hype and hoopla surrounding the trend of ordering food online in NYC is quite simple- it’s a win-win situation. On the one hand, this system has helped restaurants to meet or exceed their expectations on ROI, and on the other it has benefitted the customers in numerous ways.

How are restaurants gaining?

Ordering food online has completely changed the way food was ordered in restaurants. It is now just a “click and order” phenomena, which only requires the press of a button. The returns of online ordering have substantially outweighed the costs involved. The best part about it is that by utilizing advanced technology, the effectiveness and speed of the restaurant operation can be increased manifold. Further, there is no requirement for any special hardware, core technical knowledge or costly software.

What convenience do customers get?

24/7 Availability & Customization: Online delivery and ordering portals are taking foodies by storm due to the option of around the clock availability. Customers can now order and enjoy their desired food at any time of the day or night. Even better, customers have a plethora of choices with hundreds of menus to choose from, all waiting to be explored with just a tap of the thumb.

Easy Access: New York is a massive city and people may live far from their favorite restaurants. The thought of venturing out in the midst of the hustle bustle of the city to pick up or dine-in can be a huge turn off. But when your favorite restaurants are delivering, you can easily satisfy your cravings without budging from the comfort of your couch. Portals such as Munch Ado are here to help make your life easier throughout every step of the ordering process.

Fast: The growing scope of ordering food online has recently pulled a lot of restaurants towards efficiency and promptness. Increased competition has made the restaurants ensure that each order is delivered quickly and correctly.Though restaurants get the plaudits for their speedy delivery, at the end of the day the true winners are the customers, who get their meal in no time at all.

User-Friendly: No dependence on phones for placing orders, and no hassle of visiting restaurants for takeout. When ordering food online, you receive an automated email/text notification confirming your order. Online menus are always up-to-date.

The high popularity of ordering food online in NYC is due to the scores of online food portals that curate the restaurants and menus on the Internet, keeping in mind the choices and preferences of millions of food enthusiasts. Nowadays, consumers are becoming accustomed to digital services in their homes and offices, and their engagements and commitments do not always allow for them to step out and dine-in at restaurants. With these portals, ordering food online can definitely become an uncluttered and stress-free experience for them.

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