OST files can't be accessed, how will we repair corrupted files ?

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Published: 06th February 2017
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"OST (Offline Storage Table) files can't be accessed" it is main error occurs in MS Outlook or MS Exchange Server. Whenever OST files corrupted or lost due to any reason then displays this error. MS Outlook is most popular email application which is mainly used for communication in any business environment. If any organization lost or damaged their Offline Storage Table files, it means loss of invaluable data and worth as well. MS Outlook provides many unique features such as working in offline, when network connection is not good then user can work offline mode then all files saves in OST format whenever network is available then automatically all offline files synchronized with PST files.

There are many errors related to OST files like OST files is in use by another application, default Outlook profile OST is in use and cannot be accessed, Outlook .ost file is in use and cannot be accessed and close any application etc. All these error shows when OST files not open. But sometimes, it is corrupted or not easily repair. In that cases we will use commercial or third party software. This software is available in the current market. You can easily afford this software because it is cost effective product. With the help of this tool anyone can easily retrieve lost OST files and convert it into PST accessible file format.

If your Outlook files corrupted due to many factors such as viruses and other malicious threats, bad power supply, Outlook termination and limitation, synchronization error, poor network connection, if unauthenticated users or more than user accessing ost file etc. then you can also use this converter software that is OST to PST Converter Software.

OST to PST Converter Tool has versatile features like it successfully converts all ost file lineaments such as reminders, meetings, attachments, images, emails, journals, tasks, notes etc, email conversion process at very high speed with maximum level of data accuracy, equipped with interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI) which make it more user friendly, protected or encrypted files also converted, supports all latest versions of MS Outlook or Exchange Server 2013, 2010, 2007 etc, risk free and error free converter tool, restore all email details like sender's name, receiver's name, flag, date, time and many more.

All email conversion is possible in their original format that is RTF, Text and HTML. Any user can use this software there is no requirement of technical users or practical knowledge. All organization offers free trial version of the software with the uses of this customer can check out the how to download, install and works recovery tool. User can watch animated video for getting information about the process of recovery.

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