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Published: 30th April 2020
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The whole idea of shopping has changed with the advent of e-commerce. Owing to ease of shopping through online stores from the comfort of oneís own home and getting things delivered right at the doorsteps, more and more people started opting for online shopping instead of retail shopping. But, the time has come where hordes of such websites are crowding the web and it has become really difficult to decide which website to buy from and which not.

Whether it is girlís fashion wear or menís, what attracts people to an online fashion store is the collection of clothes and apparels offered, services offered by the online store, time taken for delivering products, refund policy, etc. amongst others. Some of the leading websites offering fashion wears are:


Founded in 2012, StalkBuyLove is one of the most preferred online stores well known for offering range of clothing products of the most trending fashion. Along with range of fashionable products and accessories, at StalkBuyLove one can also shop by trend such as fashion wears resembling the 70s or clothing items dedicated to summer and so on. However, one of the main shortcomings of this online store is that its products are limited to women. Also, on top of that, this clothes and apparel website is known among customers for it slow delivery, poor customer service and slow load time of the site.


With offices located in both India and London, this online fashion store is known for offering fashionable clothes and accessories following international fashion trends. Koovs is popular among both men and women customers who can find different products and also from various international brands. Koovs however falls short when it comes to customer service and delivery of products much to the irritation of the customers. This website is also known for offering costly items which doesnít gel well in Indian market.


With only around 3 years of operation in this business, FabAlley has already somewhat carved a niche of its own in the fashion industry. Founded in 2012, this online fashion store is also known for offering quality and trendy jewellery, bags, shoes along with range of fashionable clothing items. But, then again, itís another online store offering products just for girls. Besides that, FabAlley is known for poor customer service and bad return policy.


Oxolloxo is another strong competitor in the fierce fashion industry. With products ranging under categories such as womenís wear, menís clothing items and childrenís fashion wear, Oxolloxo surely meets the shortcomings of other websites that are more or less women centric. Also, with a genuine customer support, all of customer queries are effectively attended and within the shortest duration possible. The website of Oxolloxo is also designed in such a manner such that itís very easy to navigate and find items without any hassle. Oxolloxo also beats other online stores in the same genre with its quick delivery along with easy and effective return policy.

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