Padded envelopes are one of every offices big stationery essentials

Published: 31st October 2014
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It is amazing the sort of things that people accumulate in the average office desk. Over the years you do seem to build up a quite astonishing selection of items that usually come in at some point or other. Whether it is a large bag of elastic bands or three years worth of multi coloured envelopes, you just know that at some point, these items will come in to their own. Padded envelopes come into that category, in fact many people carefully prize the labels off padded envelopes so that they can be used again. And there is the main point. Padded envelopes are really useful.

One could say that padded envelopes have really come into their element in the last few years and a lot of this has been down to the web and the growth of online shopping. IT seems that more and more of us are buying things online, and when the items in question are delicate in nature or need a little added protection to help them get from A to B then it seems that padded envelopes are the transport of choice for many people. Who said the web would kill off post?

In all honesty, any serious business should have a stock of brand new padded envelopes for those times when second hand just isn’t good enough...and for a business that wants to make a good impression, second hand is never good enough. And when you can get such great looking brand new padded envelopes at such great prices these days, why bother recycling old ones? New envelopes not only look much better and smarter fort your customers but you can find ones that are specific to your needs, because there really is a fantastic choice of styles available when it comes to padded envelopes these days.

If you do own a business then you really should check out some of the great options available to you as it may be that there is something that fits in with the products you sell absolutely perfectly. You can also be sure that there will be some that suite your company colour branding too, with padded envelopes now available in all sorts of shades and hues. It would seem that the days of the dull brown envelopes are well and truly behind us and a shiny new world of in your face padded envelopes. In fact, when I said shiny, I meant it. There really are some very fetching metallic gold, silver and numerous other colours available in the padded envelopes world these days. Now wouldn’t those look just fantastic arriving at your customers front door? It’s those little bits of extra attention to detail that really can help retain customer business.

Of course, you may not be part of a big company but instead be happily plugging away as a home trader. Maybe you have an Ebay based business and sell a lot of your products online to locations across the UK and Europe. If so, you may be using padded envelopes, so why not have a look at the many different colours, sizes and styles that are available. You may be pleasantly surprised at some of the delightful colours available. And it can also be a rather pleasant surprise to see just how affordable quality padded envelopes are these days. There are some great places to find padded envelopes online, together with many other different types and styles of envelopes. You can often save lots of money shopping online compared to shopping on the high street, so get online and get looking at the huge ranges available.

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